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Xbox Live de Anima Achievements: Gate of Memories

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
True final. Stop Baal. Close the door. 90
Final: Too competent! Get the comic end. 90
The true monster. Defeat to the memory of calamity. 90
Definitive collector. Find all objects, weapons and artifacts. 90
A recurring memory. The game ends in a new game+. 90
Legend memory. Get the Angelus. 90
Final: Everything you have always wanted. An empty victoryâ € ¦ 35
Final: The final monster. Unleashes the definitive monster on the world. 35
Final: A premature ending. Some times the plan fails before starting. 35
True power. Reaches level 20. 35
Good memory. Get all memories. 35
Impia rebellion. Defeat Romeo Exxet. 35
The hand of death. Defeat for the second time the messenger without name. 35
Chain destroyer. Release all prisoners. 35
Blood reward. Deliver the blood stone to its ownerñeither. 35
A mysterious place. Arcane reaches. fifteen
Puppet master. Defeat Nascal, the teacher of the puppets. fifteen
He does not evenñor dark. Defeat Jonathan Kappel. fifteen
The nameless. Defeat the messenger without name for the first time. fifteen
The fallen. Defeat Druaga fifteen
Interior nightmare. Defeat Malekith,ñOR of nightmares. fifteen
!Night talk! Make all possible conversations with Ergo. fifteen
Abuson. Steal the rich, give it to yourself! fifteen
Above and beyond! Open a road to the second floor. fifteen
First casualty! Defeat the Knight of Memory. 10

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