Warhammer 40 cheats.000: Dawn of War – Soulstorm – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


On the direct access route to the game, Ańade “-dev”, so that something like:

“C: ProgramMathqdawn of War – SoulsTortMsotorm files.exe “-dev

Then, during the game, click control + shift + [ş] for the development console to come out, and introduce:

Cheat_killself: Suicide.FOG_TOGGLE: Active/Disagree War Fog.Taskbar Hide: hides the taskbar.Cheat_power ( #): Get # power.Cheat_requisión ( #): Obtain # requisition.Fow_reveALall: shows the entire map.Cheat_reveALALLL: shows the entire map.sd_instant_build = 1: instantaneous construction.sd_instant_build = 0: deactivate instantaneous construction.

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