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Here you have all the cheats available so far for Turok 3: Shadows of Oblivion. To use them you have to go to the menu, then option “Secrets” and introduce the key. Remember that they can be activated from that same place.

All cheat codes: lizard, dragonfly, bull, bear, wolf, eagle

All weapons: owl, bear, owl, beetle, hawk, owl

Large hands and feet: lizard, dragonfly, horse, lizard, coyote

Cabezones: panther, wolf, snake, rabbit, lizard, coyote

Clean the screen: rabbit, owl, lizard, alce, salmon, rabbit

Credits: Alce, LCE, ALCE, ALCE, ALCE, ALCE

Stay out of breath: dragonfly, bull, rabbit, salmon, eagle, rabbit

Gouraud: lizard, salmon, beetle, salmon, wolf, dragonfly

Note: Lizard, Alce, Eagle, Owl, Salmon, Horse

Invincibility: crow, salmon, eagle, bear, lizard, rabbit

Mannequin: snake, bull, snake, frog, bear, alce

Delirium menu: rabbit, owl, horse, beetle, bear, bear

Pen and ink mode: León, horse, elice, salmon, lion, hawk

Stick: horse, eagle, snake, panther, beetle, salmon

Tiny: frog, frog, salmon, beetle, wolf, panther

Unlimited ammunition: salmon, alce, bull, snake, eagle, salmon

Level 1: frog, alce, horse, dragonfly, wolf, rabbit

Level 2: Owl, owl, horse, alce, alce, alce

Level 3: owl, rabbit, bear, beetle, frog, panther

Level 4: Bear, horse, crow, eagle, horse, coyote

Level 5: bear, dragonfly, horse, bear, frog, alce

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