Star Wars cheats: Knights of the former Republic 2 – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

Additional features

A new lord of Sith : If your character is tremendously evil, it will appear on the title screen.

Extra dialogue : The game ends with a bright and a dark character, and the third time you will have more dialogue options to speak.

Star Wars Steam Achievements: Knights of the former Republic 2

Achievement |Description
A more extensive world Get your first points on the luminous side.
Training wheels Complete the prologue.
First steps on the dark path Get your first points on the dark side.
Dancing Queen Dance for Vogga.
ˇYa was like that when I arrived! Destroy Peragus asteroids.
An elegant weapon Build your first laser saber.
For profit 10,000 credits collected.
ˇ We have to infiltrate ourselves on the main computer! Get 30 points in computer use.
it was not me! Let the Sith destroy Peragus asteroids.
Bájal the fumes It ends with all Sith soldiers before they go up on board the ebony hawk.
I have seen how you use the hydraulic key Get 30 points under repair.
Pure violence Repair Droid damaged in the ebony Falcon.
The orphan Recruit the maiden.
Lethal persuasion Get more than 30 persuasion points.
Collector rock Get the name of laser saber named.
Last bastion Support Khonda’s settlers.
The necessary skills Get the prestige class.
Rule number two Complete the Mandalorian Battle Circle.
Beings of light Get the maximum amount of points on the bright side.
It is a trap! Get it on starting the mission caught in Korriban.
Tombs looter Loot a corpse in Korriban.
Fight another day Flee de Korriban after facing Zion.
Expired water Recruit the disciple.
Don’t tell me how the bets go Win a Pazak game with the full board.
The whole family Fill the equipment selection screen.
Quiet, I’m a doctor Get 30 points to treat injuries.
The rug of walking hair Recruit Hanhar.
Hutt fuel Vogga convinces the hutt to sell fuel to telos.
Pain relief Defeat Sion.
Seeker Complete the game with the luminous side.
Rule number one Complete the Doncella Battle Circle.
Looks are deceiving Learn Vision of Force.
Lost girl Recruit look.
Pazak passion Expires Nar Shadaa champion.
If I told you… Get the maximum amount of dark side points.
Silent but mortal Get 30 points in stealth.
Cupid rifle Listen to HK-47’s love definition.
Hunger strike Defeat Nihilus.
Real protocol Support the queen in Onderon.
Martial law Support Vaku in Onderon.
Total concentration Learn Movement Meditation.
I hate everything about you reduces to zero the influence of a company.
No Jedi can stop us Kill all Jedi teachers.
Winner Reach the player level 30.
ˇ We are flying this! Get 30 points in demollo.
I’ll take it Stay with the Darth nihilus mask.
Sith’s lord Get your character to replace any of the Sith Lords on the main menu screen.
Active murder protocol Learn to kill the Jedi from HK-47.
Dominated destination Complete the game with the dark side.
Smile, hair ball Bend to Hanhar.
It is not personal Change your mind about alliating you with Khonda’s Settlers settlers.
Unlimited power Get all the Dark Side powers.
I am a Jedi Get all the powers on the bright side.
Cheating Convince the “champion” to lose the game without playing.
Break the oath Teach the maiden how the force works.
You are the droid that I am looking for Deduce the identity of G0-T0
Short circuit Install the HK-47 Single Module.

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