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One Piece Steam Achievements: Pirate Warriors 3

Achievement |Description
we will always be friends!! Complete the prologue of the Legends Diario.
Well, ˇzorro! Unleashes your first kizuna attack.
ˇAhora we are “sought -sighted men”! Get a skills poster.
see you soon! ˇ And thanks for the treasure! Get a coin.
If I weren’t able to do that, we would have to look for a new captain. Defeat 1.000 enemies in a single battle.
I can’t do anything right, so I need help! Unleashes 20 or more kizuna attacks in a single battle.
ˇPan eaten, captain! Unleashes your first Kizuna frenzy.
ˇAlvame, king of snipers! Unleashes your first power of the hero.
I’ll beat you!! Get a skill.
See you in “high seas” Get a range evaluation in an episode.
…Hey, cook. Give me a hand. Change to the crew for the first time.
come on! ˇ “La Grand Line”! Complete the first chapter of the Legends newspaper.
Do they offer a reward of 400 million Beli for me!? Get 20 or more skills posters.
Has already… a crew in which you can trust. Use Kizuna of 3 different company attacks in a battle.
rise to the top! Get 100% legend points in an episode.
ˇˇIt’s no doubt is a legendary monster!! Defeat.000 enemies using special attacks.
ˇThe gold has been in heaven all this time! Complete the second chapter of the Legends newspaper.
Well, what dream should follow now? Complete 25% or more of the gallery.
We are a team, don’t? Increase the crew level of a character to max.
There may be many more. Get 50 or more types of coins.
ˇˇPoses the terrifying power…!! Defeat 300 enemies using a Kizuna frenzy.
This crew is difficult to handle Complete the third chapter of the Legends newspaper.
two years later!! ˇˇ In the Sabaody archipelago!! Complete the fourth chapter of the Legends newspaper.
As expected from Luffy’s crew… Defeat.000 enemies using Kizuna attacks.
ˇ We will carry out their ideals! Complete the final chapter of the Legends newspaper.
ˇNo underestimate the potential of my crew! Make a special tie attack with four companions.
ˇ Common sense does not work in this ocean! Complete five or more islands in the dream newspaper.
I will face all of you! ˇAunque you are thousands! Defeat more than 100.000 enemies.
ˇ We will discover it when we are here! Complete 15 or more islands in the dream newspaper.
You have become a man. ˇWhat well you have that hat…! Get 20 or more skills.
It is very much! ˇ and distributed everywhere! Get 100 or more types of coins.
ˇDeéd your life and come with me! Unlock all the characters.
I will be your “legendary hero”!!! Uses the power of the hero at least 100 times.
If we are now, the promise will change, Luffy. The dream newspaper completes.
I will become stronger. A character’s growth limit exceeds.
ˇ You’ll look for everyone! Get 100% legend points in all episodes.
You are all my family Increase the crew level of 20 or more characters to max.
ˇˇ People’s dreams never die!! Complete the “Final Island” in the Diario de dreams.
Us… We know the whole story… Complete the entire gallery.
ˇ I will become the king of pirates! You have achieved all the achievements.

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