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The story ends with Luffy.

One Piece Steam Achievements: Burning Blood

Achievement |Description
I want to be stronger! Level a fighter level
ˇ Empiere the Supreme War! Complete a Supreme War chapter
ˇGet my crew! Unlock a fighter
Help me… Call your first support
Pirates at home Unlock your first support
ˇ I am your little brother!
I can get stronger Arrives at level 5 with any fighter.
ˇHuelo to adventure! Unlock all modes
ˇPum! Execute a great impact for the first time
My son may be idiot…
we are friends! Unlock more than half of the fighters
Counterattack beacon Executes a total of 10 unit assists
ˇNew you forgive pirates!
marry me!
I will go over! Defeat 100 rivals
thanks for loving me!
Obsession for the cheat codes AńE 100 entries to key information and review them in collection
This is the beginning!
First title Win a title
I will see you in the seven seas Executs a total of 30 definitive techniques
Inherited will Intermbiate with your company 100 times
Expercs and cats in harmony? Look 50 different start events
Where would you like to travel? Play on all scenarios
ˇ Trust is strength!
ˇ I will overcome everyone! Complete a special sign of being searched, in duel of being searched
Our opportunity is over Executs a total of 5 unit shocks
Sunrise of a new era
Square Sisters’ Favorites Complete 50 posters from the list of searched, in duel of being searched
do what you want!
I will be Admiral!
Are you happy?
ˇA the order, captain!
ˇ Force, pride and beauty!
seconds! I want seconds!
Pirate recruiter Unlock more than half of the supports
I have allies! Unlock all fighters
Battle teacher Play with 30 different fighters
ˇAlcanza the top!
ˇDevenon at full speed! Dispute a game of online player
Buggy expert Unlock all support
First emblem Win an emblem
What is beyond force Up to the maximum level to a fighter
The world is a test Execute a total of 10 unit chains
Support teacher Play with 30 different supports
Beli kneader Win at least 100,000,000 Beli in total
ˇNo you cold!
will you call me a friend?
The legend begins Dispute an online range game
One Piece Burning Blood All unlocked achievements

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