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Steam achievements

Achievements Requirements
Air Gunner  Kill 30 enemies using pneumatic weapons.
Cowboy  Kill 30 enemies using revolvers.
Demolitionist  Fly the tunnel and air lock at the cursed station.
DJ Artyom  At the outpost level it reaches the radio tower and receives the commander’s message.
Enlighten  Find the truth.
Exorcist  Complete the ghost levels and anomalies without dying.
Explorer  Do not leave a place without visiting.
Fire in the Hole  Kill 20 stalkkers.
First Blood  What does not kill you makes you stronger.
Fugitive  Complete the Armería level without being hunted.
Heavy metal  Kill 15 enemies using stationary machine gun.
Heavy Reader  Kill a librarian.
Hedge-Hopper On the line of the front, kill all the enemies of the red Navy and the fascist soldiers.
If it’s hostile, you kill it.  Become a real soldier.
Inquisitor  Kill 2 demons.
Invisible man  Complete the front line level without killing anyone.
Ka-Boom!  Make 10 enemies exploit.
Merful  Complete the black station level without killing any fascist soldier.
Dweller Metro  You know everything and you’ve seen everything.
Metro Trader  MAKE 10 Agreements in Armament Stores.
Ninja  Kill 10 enemies throwing knives.
Old School  Kill 30 enemies with the two barrel shotgun.
Pathoanatomist  Kill 5 amoebas.
Pyro  Kill 5 enemies with flamethrower.
Quick Draw  At the hunter level kills the Nosalisses before they leave the ventilation ducts.
Quick-Witted  Break the support and activate the light spider in less than 20 seconds.
Raider  At the deposit level, kill in silence to the guard and enter the fascist station without being seen.
Ranger  Find all hobs in ghost cities 1 and 2.
Realist  Get a job.
Rescue Ranger  Save a group of Reds from fascist captivity.
Scrooge  Save 500 military grade loaders.
Sherlock  Find all golden ammunition, hidden in stations.
Slice & says  Kill 20 enemies with the knife.
Sniper  Make 25 shots in the head.
Soft Touch  Disarma 10 cable traps.
Tank Buster  Destroy the fascist panzer.
Wheeler-Dealer  Change 500 grade loaders 5.45 in the change kiosks.


Search the game folder for the User File.CFG and edit on the notes to find g_global_god off g_god off and g_unlimitedammus off. Change the last word to activate God mode and infinite ammunition.

g_global_god on g_god NGO_unlimitedammo on

Metro 2033 Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
First blood What does not kill you makes you stronger.
Nosalis hunter Kill 30 Nosalis.
Demolition expert Fly the tunnel and the chuipa of the cursed station. 
Realistic A coin for a hungry child? Look for a job.
Cazatanques Destroy the Panzer of the fascists.
Exorcist Complete ‘ghosts’ and ‘anomaly’ without dying.
Cowboy Kill 30 enemies using a revolver.
Ramadrigueras Kill 20 Mero -Deadors.
If it’s hostile, kill him.
Pathologist Kill 5 amoebas.
Pyrogan Kill 5 enemies with a flamethrower.
Steelish assailant In ‘garage’, kill the first guard and enter the fascist station without being seen.
Fugitive Complete the level ‘armory’ without being taken.
Compulsive reader Kill a librarian.
AT THE OLD USAGE Kill 30 enemies with the two -channel shotgun.
Fast trigger In ‘Hunter’, prevents the Nosalis from breaking the covers of ventilation.
ˇCatapum! Fly to 10 enemies in pieces.
Greedy Accumulates 500 bullets of military quality.
Rescue command Save a group of ‘reds’ of fascist captivity.
Inquisitor Kill 2 demons.
Ninja Kill 10 enemies with throwing knives.
DJ Artyom Send the radio message in ‘Advanced’.
Sniper Make 25 shots at the head.
Gunman Kill 50 Enemies with Heavy Automatic Shotgun.
Metro merchant Make 10 purchases in arms stores.
The delicate touch Disarma 10 cable traps.
Subway dweller A true subway citizen. You have met everyone and you’ve seen everything.
Generous You help the poor, you give alms to the child and medicines to the patient. You aid to anyone who you find. 
Cut and chop Kill 20 enemies with your fourth.
Mind awake Break the support to balance the spider in less than 20 seconds.
The invisible man Complete the ‘front’ level without killing anyone.
Merciful Complete the level ‘Black Station’ without killing any fascist soldier.
Shocking Get 50 kills with volt driver.
Heavy metal Kill 15 enemies with a machine gun.
Land Complete the ‘front’ level killing everyone.
Command Find all the arsenals of the commands in the dead city 1 and 2.
Chanchullero Sell 500 bullets of military quality.
Explorer There is no place in the subway that you have not visited.
Air Bender Kill 30 Humans with Only Pneumatic Weapons.
High pressure Kill 30 enemies with pneumatic weapons.
Sherlock You have found all hidden military bullets in the stations.
Sterling Effort Kill 50 mutants with your knife.
Stunning Get 25 kills with alternative fire of volt driver.
Sticks Like A Bur Kill 15 Enemies Using Sticky Grenade.
Survivor Complete The Game In Ranger Mode Easy.
Last Man Standing Complete The Game In Ranger Mode Hardcore.
Weaponsmith Kill at least one enemy with each weapon available in the game.

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