LEGO MARVEL TRUCKS Avengers – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Minikit detector Jyjafx

Fast Build 5MZ73E

A-bomb 2K8QCG

Amadeus Cho 3ZDB2W

Bengal 8HG9HC

Butter Ball MJNFAJ

Chase 93NNGB

Cottonmouth BTS8M6

Nefaria Count ZNck2S

Diamondback UNECSY

Finalsse Wu9ybf

Firebird Rabvv7

Iron Man (Mark 33 Silver Centurion) 4AKZ4G

Mantis M562MB

Quasar N4yanb

Skaar Mfupe7


Striker XP9QX9

Swordsman R9CWTF

Thunderstrike JWRGP4

Tigra D4rreh

Veil A7BRT4

Quinjet (Mini) 9kfj7a

Exceeds the history of avengers with this video guide.

Steam de Lego Marvel Avengers Achievers

Achievement |Description
Authentic Avenger Get authentic avenger at any level
Lift Complete “crossed out of the list”
Loki’s entrance Complete “Loki’s entry”
Hydra train Complete “Hydra Train”
Always furious Transfer from Banner to Hulk
United Avengers Complete “United Avengers”
The most powerful on Earth Complete “the most powerful on earth”
Chaos in Helitransporte Complete “Chaos in Helitransporte”
Shakespeare in the park Complete “Shakespeare in the park”
Without strings Complete “without threads”
Control of aggressiveness Complete “Control of aggressiveness”
Korea perspectives Complete “Korea perspectives”
Ultron shattered Complete “Ultron shattered”
I was born yesterday Play as a vision with both characters at the same time
Create a superhero Create a personalized character
Shots of a.Yo.M. Complete «Shots of A.Yo.M.”
The rise of Ultron Complete “The rise of Ultron”
Something funny happened Leads Lola with agent Coulson
You have earned it Prevents 10 random crimes in Manhattan in the same session
Fast and Fury Form a team with Nick Fury and Mercury
A magical place Be destroyed and register like Coulson
Lack of perspective Complete “Lack of perspective”
Losses in the ether Complete “lost in the ether”
Party protocols Play as all versions of Iron Man in the same session
Marvel giants Watch Ant-Man, Black Goliath and Fang Foom in a session
We are connected Play how Harley Keener and Tony Stark at any level that is not 9
To the left In Washington d.C., Play as any version of Falcon and Captain America
The three warriors Play as Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg in a single session
Dazzling metamorphosis Transfer from Lou Ferrigeno to Hulk (Lou Ferrigeno)
On the moon Play Luna, Dragon Luna and Chico Luna in the same session
Defenders Play as an iron, Daredevil, Safira (Jessica Jones) and Luke Cage
Anywhere Activate all red bricks at the same time
Be worthy Create and play with a personalized character equipped with the mjolnir
A difficult situation Complete the level “Mal signs”
Know the Lords of Evil Complete the level “Mal signs” with all unlocked miniikits
Worthy of Zemo Complete the level “Malm of Evil” after obtaining the “authentic avenger” state
Didn’t I had banished you? Team with the lovely and the executioner at free play in the center of Asgard
The enemy inside Complete the level “Captain Marvel Classic”
Candidate for Carol Corps Complete the level “Captain Marvel Classic” after getting “Avenger Authentic”
ICT team Take tic and hawk eye (classic) at free play
Flying sled style Fly the felling sled of Captain Marvel with Captain Marvel in the center of Manhattan
Strange stories Complete the level “the new and different strange doctor”
Supreme Sorcerer Complete “the new and different strange doctor” after getting “authentic avenger”
Dark dimension danger Team with Barón Mordo and Dormammu at Free Game
Frozen voodoo Find a way to freeze Dr. Vudú in free game mode anywhere in the game
Young Avengers Play as a hawk eye (Kate Bishop), Hulkling, Wiccan, America Chávez and Veloz in the same session
Who is a black panther? Complete the level “Classic Black Panther”
Beyond Be destroyed and govern yourself as Aldrich Killian
Globetrotter Visit all the locations of the center
King of Wakanda Complete the “classic black panther” level after getting “authentic avenger”
Ambush in the beyond Complete the level «Marvel: s agents.H.Yo.AND.L.D.”
I am Iron Stan Transfer in Stan Lee (Hulkbuster)
“We are not” agents of nothing “! Complete «Marvel: S Agents.H.Yo.AND.L.D.”After getting” authentic avenger “
I engineering, she biochemistry Take team with agent Leo Fitz and agent Jemma Simmons at free play
Keep the guy He plays as Captain Britania, Union Jack, Spitfire, Agent Carter and Mandarin (Trevor Slattery)
I need you to pile the bus Pilot “The Bus” with Agent Melinda May
ˇThe Black Caballero Vive! Expires 20 enemies with the black knight (Dane Whitman) at free play
The most powerful on earth Complete the “classic marvel captain” level with all unlocking miniikits
I’ll do it myself Presence of the source of 100% pieces within the tower of the Avengers
Master of Mystical Arts Complete the level “The new and different strange doctor” with all unlocked minikits
The most dangerous man Complete the “classic black panther” level with all unlocked minikits
Fast as a cat Complete any race in the center with the black panther flying sled
Panther’s wrath Expires 20 enemies with Killmongger at the “classic black panther” level in free game mode
Part of something bigger Complete the level «Marvel: s agents.H.Yo.AND.L.D.»With all unlocked minikits
Comic Collector Unlock and read the 15 pages of Minikit comics
Get yourself with someone in your size Complete the “Ant-Man” level
I know an uncle… Complete the “ant-man” level with all unlocked minikits
The heroes are not bigger Complete the “ant-man” level after getting the “authentic avenger” state
Amazing stories Team with Ant-Man (Hank Pym) and Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) at free play
ˇ Don’t drop me this time! Ant-Thony ride with Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

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