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Lunar jump

The game ends and New Game starts +. Enter the following combination at any time: above, up, up, top +.


Overcomes this puzzles game that you experience with the perspectives with this guide.

Steam de Fez achievements

Achievement |Description
Get a cube Find your first cube fragment.
The same and opposite Find an anticubo.
More powerful than the sword Find the artifact cube to write.
Cryptographer Break the code.
Achievement unlocked RTRTLTRTLTLT
Error screen Reaches the end.
A game of numbers Find the cube artifact to count.
Haikus, not epic Find the artifact volume.
Warp area Reactive the 5 warp doors.
Phrenologist Find the Calavera device.
Total Find all collectible objects.
Hexahedronaut Gather the 32 golden cubes and 32 anticubos.

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