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Golden coins

Find the first ten golden coins. The location of the rest will appear on the map, which will facilitate looking for the rest.

Farming Simulator 15 Steam Achievements 15

Achievement |Description
Without debts You have returned the entire loan to the bank.
Mobile farmer You have traveled more than 100 km with your vehicles.
Long duration The game time in one of your games has exceeded 10 am.
The fruits of your work You have reaped more than 10 hectares.
Seeder You have sown more than 10 hectares.
Zero in finance You have managed to have a negative balance on the first day.
New rich Your account has exceeded 1 million ($).
Lined You have more than 5 million ($) on account.
Montones of gold Your fortune has exceeded 10 million ($).
Habitual driver The total distance you have traveled has exceeded km.
King of the Harvest You have reaped more than 100 hectares.
Mass production The total area you have sown exceeds 100 hectares.
Something brilliant You have found 25 gold coins.
Coins in the streets You have found 50 gold coins.
Numismatic You have found the 100 gold coins.
The Lord of the Missions You have completed 50 missions.

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