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These are the mentors and how to unlock them.

Android #18termina The android saga (level 34) is needed

Beerus (Bills) ends Goku’s training (level 70) is needed

Freza (Friene) ends the freezer saga and ends the Ginyu training (level 20) is needed

Ginyutermina The first half of the Freezer saga (level 15) is needed

Gohan & Videltermina The BUU saga (level 40)

Gotenks ends the BUU saga (level 40)

Kuririn (Krillin) ends the first half of the Saiyan saga

Mr. Satan (Hercule) ends the first half of the Android Saga (Cell)

Perfect Cell ends the first half of the Android saga (level 30) is needed

Piccolothermina The first half of the Saiyan saga (level 5) is needed

Son Goku ends the démigra saga (level 70)

Vegetatermine the Saiyan saga (level 8) is needed

Missions Saga Bardock and Broly

Find the five fragment by completing the following tasks. First you have to finish the main story.

1- Complete the quest 3 in the demigra saga.2- Talk to recon on Time Square.3- Defeat Goku in Quest Parallel 14, or defeat Ginyu in Goku’s body in the parallel Quest 18.4- The Quest ends parallel 2, or defeats Super Saiyan Goku in the parallel Quest 21.5- exceeds the quest parallel 49.

New characters

Complete the following objectives to obtain new characters.

Super Saiyan 4 Goku Exceeds all parallel missions.

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Omega Shenron and Super 17 Collect the seven dragon balls and choose the eighth desire.

Wishes for Shenron

When invasing the Shenron Dragon you can ask for one of the following wishes that correspond to the indicated extras.

I want money!: 500.000 Zeni.I want a rare item!: Power pole accessory.I want to dress!: an item leave to the West.I want to be stronger!: items to create Z-Souls.I want to grow!: Increase the level of the character by one.I want a new definitive attack!: Blitz Hell Ultimate Attack (the first time) or Minus Energy Ball Ultimate Attack (the second time).I want a new super attack!: Flash Bomber, Drain Field, Lightning Ruin and Air Consumption Super Attacks (the first time) or Castrol Lightning Dragon Bullets, God Speed Light Bullets, Whirlwind Spin, and Sleepy Boy Box Super Attacks (Second time).I want more controllable characters!: Super Saiyan 4 Gojeta (the first time), Super Android 17 (second time);and Omega Shenron (third time) I want a second chance in life!: Rest the skill points to reallocate them in different categories.I want a great appearance!: Change the appearance of your character.

Mentor movements

The following movements can be learned from mentors. The room is an ultimate Attack.

Android #18 : Power Blitz, Endless Shoot, Deadly Dance, Dual Destructo-DiscBeerus : Headshot, (Nothing), God of Destruction Anger, Sphere Of DestructionCell : All Clear, Gravity Impact, Perfect Shot, Perfect KamehamehaCold : Death Beam, Death Crasher, Emperor’s Sign, Supernova Ghost Kamikaze Attack (Ultimate)Ginyu : Fighting Pose F, Fighting Pose A, Milky Cannon, Body Change (1v1 Only Ultimate)Gohan and Videl : Eagle Kick, Hawk Charge, Ki Blast Combination, Justice CombinationGoku : Afterimage Strike, Spirit Bomb, Kamehameha X10 and Super KamehamehaGotenks : Galactic Donuts, Die Die Missile Barge, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (Super), SuperHERULY : Rolling HERCULE PUNCH, Dynamite Kick, Present for You, Savior Has ArrivedKrillin : Orin Combo, Destructo DISC, SPRAD SHOT RECREAT (EVASIVE), Scatter KamehamehaPiccolo : Evil Explosion, Super Explosive Wave (Evasive), Light Grenade, Special Beam CannonVegeta : Galick Gun, Finish Breaker, Shine Shot, Flash Final

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Bucci Guide.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
It is only the beginning of the world ˇHas finished the prologue!
Goodbye, Son Goku ˇHas finished the Saiyan saga!
ˇIniciating a fantastic trip! ˇHas finished 1 secondary mission!
Melancholic veil ˇHas finished the Saiyans return saga!
Imminent war ˇHas finished the ginyu force saga!
Proof of my value ˇHas finished 7 secondary missions!
The legend of Super Saiyan ˇHas finished the freezer saga!
Goodbye, warriors ˇHas finished the cell saga!
ˇThe most intriguing secret! ˇHas obtained your first dragon ball!
Peace for the future ˇHas finished the Android saga!
ˇInsé to make balances! ˇHas completed 7 highways successfully!
War for the Universe ˇHas finished the monster saga bu!
Expanding the future ˇHas finished the Bills saga, God of destruction!
ˇ Strongs, strong heroes!
The hope of this planet ˇHas found the 2 -star dragon ball!
Memory of grandfather ˇHas found the 4 -star dragon ball!
The best miracle in the world ˇHas gathered 7 dragon balls and you have invoked Shenron!
ˇThe chaos approaches! ˇHas completed more than 50% of secondary missions!
For the good of the future ˇHas played an online fight for the first time!
ˇThe romance is yours! ˇHas gathered 500,000 Zeni!
To the city that is not ˇHaded at all levels!
Meeting to die ˇHas Ańadido to a time patrolman to “favorites”!
ˇ I will do with everyone! ˇHas Completed Training with Vegeta!
ˇ More exciting for the hair!
Hundreds of breasts. I love! ˇHas received a gift!
Emotion to Raudales ˇHas sent a gift!
ˇ EMOTION OF THE FINAL CENTURY! ˇHas completed more than 80% of secondary missions!
Beyond lost memories ˇHas finished all secondary missions!
ˇTarea complicated for kami! ˇHas completed Piccolo training!
ˇ must defeat them! ˇHas completed cell training!
ˇ Don’t matter what, we’ll be fine! ˇHas completed training with Son Goku!
ˇ Total miraculous power! ˇHas completed Krilin training!
ˇ We have power! ˇHas unlocked all the characters and their variants!
ˇ You are looking for problems! ˇHas Completed Gotenks Training!
Bailas with me? ˇHas played 7 online fighting!
ˇThe most powerful elite warrior! ˇHas completed training with ginyu!
The dangerous ones approach quickly ˇHas completed training with nş18!
ˇAguanta strongly! ˇHas completed training with Bills!
ˇ Total definitive power! ˇHas gathered all special skills!
ˇPronto you will be impressive! ˇHas completed training with Son Gohan and Videl!
NO… ˇTen p-kan! ˇHas completed MR training. Satan!
ˇ Full -stomach, top power! ˇHas all final attacks gathered!
Rainbow in your eyes Friendship levels maximized with all teachers!
ˇ Eternal Mied! ˇHas completed freezer training!
I will fight with love, value and honor ˇHas cattle 7 online fighting!
Rival of my dreams ˇHas observed 7 fights!
Join, separate, join… confused! ˇHas participated in “Eternal Combat” 7 times!
ˇConsign your impossible desire! ˇHas cattle in “eternal combat” 7 times!
Love seeds for heaven ˇHas revived to KO allies 7 times in online fighting!
If you show me your value ˇHas obtained all the achievements!

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