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To use the game cheats we will have to modify a couple of files. It is advisable to make backups in case we put the leg.

First we have to edit the file Keybindings.Ini , which is in the game folder, inside the Settings folder. We have to find the following line:

“Openconsole_0 =” (without the quotes)

And change it to:

“Open Console _0 = Keyboard :: Button _`” (without quotes)

Then, go to Windows’s direct access to the game, click on the right button, properties, and add the line “-Enable developer.

If you play with Steam, right click on Dragon Age 2, select Properties, then general, then “Execution Options” and introduce “-Enable Developer Experconsole” (without the quotes) there.

Then, while you play, click [ş] to open the console, and introduce the following codes in it, by clicking [Enter] then. Notice: neither the console nor the codes will appear on the screen.

Invincible: RNScript PC_immortal

Character with strength and ability of 50, and mana and stamina at 1.000 : RNSCRIPT ZZ_SUPERCRIT PLAYER

Ańadir experience : Runscript Addxp [number]

Ańadir gold : Runscript Addmoney [number]

Ańadir characters to our group : Runscript zz_dae_debug

Heal character or group : HealPlayer Ronscript

Eliminate team injuries : Runscript Injury Remparty

Eliminate your own injuries : Runscript Injury Remball

Kill all enemies in an area : Killallhostile ruinscript

Random final blow: RNScript zz_deathblow

Repel enemies with a shield of strength : BowlingForferen

180 second increase in an attribute (from 1 to 6): RNScript dbg_setattrib [1-6] [Increase]

Open special interface to modify friendship or rivalry level: runscript zz_app_debug

Change player to magician level 2 : RUNSCRIPT CHARGEN MAGE

Change player to Rogue level 2 : Rugipt Chargen Rogue

Change player to Guerrero Level 2 : Runscript Chagen Warrior

Improvement menu : Runscript zz_upgrade

All achievements: RONSCRIPT CHEATER

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