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Several cheats

Click control + shift + C to display the trick console. Then write:

Motherlode: 50.000 SIMOLAANS BOOLPROP CONSTRAINFloorelevation False: You can change the elevation of the floors.Exit: Close the trick window.BOULPROP CONSTRAINFloorelevation True: You can’t change the elevation of the floors.Expand: Expand or contract the trick window.Kaching: 1.000 SimoleoShelp: It puts all the Stretchskeleton cheats: Change the Sims’s sizz.Moveobjects (ON/OFF): You can move and delete objects that you could not before.AGING (ON/OFF): Activates and deactivates aging.INTPROP MAXNUMOFVVISITINGSIMS #: Change # for the maximum number of people you can invite to parties.BOULPROP SNAPOBJECTSTOGRID TRUE/FALSE: You can move them objects outside the grid.

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