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Steam de Moon Hunters’ achievements

Achievement |Description
Abandoned Defeat.
The Ufratu River Remember the Sacred River.
The high tribes Remember the mountain people.
The Celestin Remember the river people.
Ancestral force Pray with Kubele to the Queen of Heaven.
Intrepid explorer Investigate a ziggurerat of sun cult.
Treason Convince the solar cultist to join you.
Humbing Ends what Gilgamesh started.
Dancer Convince the snowdancer to join you.
Daughter of the moon Convince the lunar singer to join you.
Ancestral courage Pray with Enkidu to the great mother.
Ancestral conflict Find face to face with the goddess as non -believer.
Ancestral Artistry Use dance to save the world.
Chilled Unlock The Coost Cooking Ingredient.
Dance spirit Dance with a ménade of the mountains.
Ancestral grace Pray with Dumuzi to the pale dancer.
A new age The cult of the sun is victorious.
Forgotten Listen to the definitive weapon of sun cult.
Wars inside wars Win in a battle against your own brother.
Spiritual language Learn, traveling through the hereafter, to talk to the spirits.
Hildisvíni Borrow the friga wild boar.
Ancestral insight Pray with Enheduanna to the silver sister.
Speef Guardian Challenge the natural order.
The final Victory Defeat the Sun God for All Time.
Drain Seduces the king.
Animal Language Learn from a witch’s cat to talk to animals.
The Great Ziz Convince a tap to join you.
Pazuza the spirit of the wind Know the spirit of the winds of the mountains.
Kun’s curse The wrath of the Queen of the River suffers.
Ancestral song FAC.
The Issarian cycle Find a place in heaven for each class at the same time.
Treasury Fill your pockets.
Erudition Investigate every aspect of the lunar goddess.
Punishment Destroys the definitive weapon of sun cult.
Broken heart Rejects a direct order of ISSAR.
Sorry Recreates the old rituals.
The inner melody Forgive your greatest enemy as a priestess.
Clone wars Complete the game as quadrillizos.
Theology Complete the game like Yin and Yang together.
The real Enkidu Friendship with a man who has no tribe.
Groupie Impresses a child with your courage.
The celestial map Fill the sky with all constellations.
The kitchen ABC Fill your cupboards.
Master Chef Fill your recipe book.
Ancestral power Talk with all your ancestors.
Legendary Defeat wave 20 of the endless sand.
Demigod Defat Wave 30 of the Endless Arena.

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