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Are you problems overcoming Metro Last Light Redux? Here you will find a guide to overcome this adventure.

Diary pages

Metro Steam Light Light Redux achievements

Achievement |Description
Rabbit Complete the training sequence.
Veteran Choose three main weapons that use different ammunition.
Perfect leak Escapes fascists at the Empire level at the first attempt.
By the hair Escape from the red line.
Engineer Use 10 lever switches.
Shade Kill 15 enemies.
Soldier Kill 100 human enemies.
air! Spend 30 minutes of filters.
Mouse Complete the ECOS level without detecting the guards.
Antibiotic Kill 100 mutants.
Great mom Kill Rhino.
freedom! Free the prisoners.
Edison Turn off 40 lights without breaking them.
C’est la Vie
Pyrogan Burning 50 Telarańas.
Reunion Search and return the teddy bear to the disconsolate child.
Arts of the arts See the theater show.
Forest keeper Saves the bear of the vigilantes after the fight.
Tortoise Put 10 spray face down.
Survivor 2034 Complete the game in survival mode.
Like a shadow Rescues women and children at the bandits without lifting the alarm.
It is not a chicken The ashes level ends without receiving any impact.
Spartano 2034 Complete the game in Spartan mode.
Forbidden to shoot Kill 10 enemies in a row with throwing knives.
get away! Kill the guards attacking the car without suffering any damage.
ˇPor the Empire! Complete the heavy squad level.
Back to the past See all visions in the dead city.
health! Always drink that you have occasion.
Derailment Kill all armed enemies at the revolution level, reinforcements included.
Always vigilant Dismantle 10 traps.
Invisible Salvador Complete the installation level without killing or lifting the alarm.
Theft teacher Open 10 Boxes.
Saboteur Complete the sniper team level.
Invisible soldier Complete the revolution level without killing or lifting the alarm.
attention! Complete the pavel level.
No Exit Complete the Khan level.
Invisible intruder Complete the separation level without killing or lifting the alarm.
Rain man Complete the bridge level without a single death.
KSHATRIYA Complete the Kshatriya level.
Through fire Complete the arachnid lair level.
The twilight of hope Complete the ANNA level.
Developer Pass 1 hour at the developer level.
Completed test Complete the tower level.
Published Complete the 43 pages of Artyom’s hidden notebook.

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