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New dungeons

Finish the game. Load the game to continue, see Namingway to find new challenge dungeons. There is one for the main game and another for the story of Rydia.

Achievements of Steam of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Achievement |Description
The first step
A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE Defeat 100 enemies.
The last of the red wings
Grabbed Save 10,000 guiles.
The chained eidolons
Fabul’s Lord
The Magician Journey
Babil’s pulse
The missing lunar whale
Damcyan’s fleeting star
Dragontino’s return
The blue planet of yesteryear
Crystal Salvador
Blue Exchange a blue tail for a blue armor.
Taste for the exotic. Exchange a green tail for a rare band.
Fast learning Exchange a red tail for a level band.
Starry Exchange a black tail for a binary star.
What is not worth… Exchange a purple tail for a v2 hunter.
Like a spark Exchange a white tail for a V2 rapidity ring.
Fortune or die in the attempt Exchange a golden tail by a band of guiles v2.
Guays always sit in the background Exchange a gray tail for a range.
Come for me, uncle Exchange an ebony tail for a provocation ring.
Made to break Exchange an rainbow tail for a limit ring.
Rose feels scared Exchange a pink tail for pink armor.
No one to improve this
Bold aegis
This is a knife
Moon trip
I choose you! Get all non -hidden eidolons.
Greet my friends Get all eidolons.
Two by one Learn double magic.
Like father Like Son Learn 40 different collaboration skills.
The force of the number Learn all collaboration skills.
Friends forever Get the maximum level in a collaboration skill.
My colleagues and me Get the maximum level in all collaboration skills.
All grown Reaches level 30 with all the characters.
Middle -aged crisis Reaches level 50 with all the characters.
Talluditos Reach level 70 with all the characters.
Greed Save 50,000 guiles.
Avid Save 200,000 guiles.
Potentate Save 500,000 guiles.
Past blood, does not move mill Defeat 500 enemies.
Public Enemy Defeat 1000 enemies.
Listen to the regrets Defeat 2000 enemies.
A story to narrate Complete 100% of the bestiary of a story.
Dominating nature Complete 30% of the bestiary.
Point of no return Complete 60% of the bestiary.
Lord of the beasts Complete 100% of the bestiary.
I read it for the articles
Back Complete all achievements.

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