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You can easily unlock all the characters in the game by introducing Cast In the trick menu. Of course, keep in mind that you will not get achievements in this way.

Family Guy Steam Achievements: Back To The Multivarse

Achievement |Description
Kill Kill an enemy of a shot
Shot to the head Kill an enemy of a shot in the head
Day work Destroy all the picos of the level “sounds like Greek”
Bipolar Alternate between Brian and Stewie 10 times in history mode
It sounds like Greek Complete the level “Sounds like Greek”
To sticks Defeat 10 enemies with a member gun
Multiple low with a grenade Get a multiple leave with a grenade
Scorched land It burns the marijuana fields at the “Aquish Something” happens “
Pervert Stay in the room with quagmire baby dress for 30 seconds
Employee of the Month Kill Vernon
Wrecking ball Crush your rival against something 20 times at the “chicken fight” level
Horrible ugliness Play fatal in the definitive confrontation
Mean Get 50.000 dollars in history mode
HEE TIR Kill 75 enemies with head shots
Explosive death Kill 60 enemies with grenades or explosives
Braggart B├║rlate 25 times in any multiplayer game
Help from my friends Get objects of the special inventory and use them 25 times in history mode
Multiple low Get a multiple leave with a melee weapon
Stewienator Kill 500 enemies with Stewie
Avenged Kill 500 enemies with Brian
Little mount Win 10 stars in challenge mode
Much Win 21 stars in challenge mode
Road bar Kill 3 members of the rival team with melee attacks before dying in multiplayer
Don unpopular Choose Meg in a multiplayer game
Close the beak, meg Kill Meg in a multiplayer game
How does it skip? Suicidate with a grenade or a backpack
First casualty Kill for the first time a member of the rival team in multiplayer
Kings of Quahog Win a game of duel (all against all or by teams)
The cleaner Get a streak of 10 duel
Fat will not save you Win a game of El Sordo greased
Blocking Prevents the other team from scoring in the thickened
Animated apocalypse Survives 30 waves in multiverse madness
Mug of lelas Survives 15 waves in multiverse madness
Mort will sell you on credit Buy everything in the store
Best infiltrator Win on an infiltration map
Tore a cocoon Get out of a rival dead with Quagmire in multiplayer
The word is bird Burate 5 times in a row with Peter
Aquish happens Complete the level “Aquish something happens”
Tullible Complete the “Tullible” level
Cat per habre Complete the “cat by hare” level
Without cheese, please Complete the level “Without cheese, please”
John Peter the length Complete the level “John Peter the length”
Santa illegal workshop Complete the level “illegal workshop of Santa”
Chickens in space Complete the level “chickens in space”
Chickens fight Complete the level “Chickens Fight”
Home Sweet Home Complete the level “Home, Dulce Home”
Obsessed Complete all secondary objectives
There is no cake Unlock the other achievements of the game

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