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Fallout 3 cheats for PC

All cheats to activate in the console and advance levels, show all the map secrets and other very crazy secret cheats.

In Fallout 3 We must make use of all our ability, strategy and intelligence if what we want is to meet our objectives, and what is more important, survive the scorpier Yermo.

However, and to make our lives a little easier while we cross the lands razed by nuclear bombs and face fearsome creatures, we can use an extensive list of cheats that will undoubtedly help us overcome without any difficulty the most difficult missions the most difficult missionsof the game or that will be a great advantage to complete it 100%

Below we show you the complete list with all the Cheats for Fallout 3 on PC . So that they have effect, introduce any of the following cheat codes from the game console

Cheats for Fallout 3 on PC

Clue Effect
Activate Activate the last door you pressed on the console that is closed but that needs to be open from another part.
ADDSPECIALPOTIS # Ańade # Special Points.
Warning A level progresses.
AGERACE # With 1, he adds age to the chosen character;With -1, subtraction.
Player.AGERACE # With 1, he adds age to your character;With -1, subtraction.
TMM 1 Shows all brands on the map.
SetpcCanusepoweramor 1 It allows the player to carry the armature brotherhood of steel without training prerequisites.
TSB [number] Allows a blood to the screen. The higher the number, the more blood there will be. 0 = without blood.
FOV [1-180] Change the viewing angle of the field.
Player.Placeatme Allows an NPC to appear by your side.
Set Timescale To # Alters the speed with which the game time passes.
Player.ADDITEM 2937E 500 Ammunition for Magnum Death-Instant.
kill Automatically kills the character you have selected in console mode.
Player.Modscale Become a giant. 1 = giant, -1 = normal.
Coc [Cell Id] TeletransPort Me to the specific cell.
Shownamemenu Change your name for free.
SETGS FJumpheightmin # Change the height of your player’s jumps.
Player.SETLEVEL # Change the level of your player to #.
SETGS FMOVERUNMULT # Change the character’s speed.
Setscale # Change the dimensions of any selected NPC.
Modpca ( # Change the desired attribute.
Cam Close all open menus.
GetquestComplete/Getqc Complete all mission items.
GetquestCompleted Complete the mission in which you are.
COMPLETEALLOBJECTIVES / COMPLETEQUEST Complete the objectives of a mission.
Player.Forceav [quantity] Customize the values of your skills.
Disableallmines Disconnect all mines.
TCAI Deactivate the intelligence of the enemies: they remain still and do not return the shots.
GETXPFORNEXTLEVEL Grants the necessary experience to achieve the next level.
setesential 6a772 1 Dog meat is marked as essential (you can’t kill).
SetPCyoung Everyone wants to be a child…
Player.SRM Repair free to the level of repair that your character has.
Getavinfo [Name of the Attribute] Get information about the character about the attribute you want (for example, Getavinfo Luck).
Addachievement XX Get the achievement of the number you want (1 to 53).
SetowNership Manages to be the owner of the selected object.
Sexchange Become a transvestite.
TGM God mode.
Player.Placeatme [Objectid] Get pins (000000A) or money (000000F).
Equiteem [item_id] If the item exists in the inventory of the objective, you will equip it.
UNEQUIPITEM [ITEM_ID] If the item exists in the inventory of the objective, it will stop carrying it.
Closeallmenus Just in case.
Killall Kill everyone inside the area. If you are out, kill all the characters abroad.
Load [Name] Load a saved game.
SETGS FVATSDISTANCEFACTOR 0.0001 Makes the V.TO.T.S is incredibly perfect in the pointed.
Player.Matchfacegeometry # The facial geometry of a character dates.
Player.MODAV “Skill” # Modify the desired ability.
Enablepoyercontrols Move during blocked kinematics.
Movetoqt Move to the desired mission mark.
Player.Moveto # Move to the specified NPC.
SETGS FPICKPOCKETACTSKILLMULT 100 Multiply the ability to collect objects and save them per 100.
TCL Mode without collisions.
Showracemenu Open the character creation screen.
Save Fred 1 Open a text file with all the objects and its corresponding ID (unique for each saved game).
Player.MODAV ActionPoints # Permanently modifies action points.
Player.MODAV HEALTH # Permanently modifies the character of the character.
Player.MODAV CARRYWEIGHT # Permanently modifies the weight of the character.
PCB Purges the buffer of a cell, which releases memory if you have many cells loaded, improving performance.
QQ Abandon the game quickly.
Stir Remove all weapons and selected NPC clothes.
Player.Remaveitem [Objectid] “XXX” Remove XXX number of items of your inventory of the type you choose.
Player.ADDITEM 0000000F “XXX” Replace xxx for the amount of money you want.
Rewardxp XXX Replace XXX with the amount of experience you want to receive.
Restastest Reset a mission.
Player.Setweaponhealthperc 100 Restore the 100% equipped weapon.
Resurrect Relive the selected objective.
Rewardkarma # Reward the player with # karma points.
Exit Vats Show the credits.
save [name] Save the game with the name you want.
Player.ADDITEM 50F92 1,100 Secret weapon: Magnum death-instantaneous.
Resthealth Select the player or NPC and complete.
PRID [name] Select an object.
Setpos x Make the selected characters coordinate.
Player.Setav Meleedamage ## Change the percentage of damage your character with melee attacks.
setspecialpoints # Change the number of special points.
Player.Setav Critchance ## Change the percentage of possibilities to make a critic when you hit.
Player.Setav Fireresist ## Change the percentage of damage of fire that can endure your character.
Player.Setav Damageresist ## Change the percentage of physical damage that is able to endure your character.
Player.Setav Poisonresist ## Change the percentage of poison damage that your character can endure.
Player.Setav Radresist ## Change the percentage of radiation damage that your character can endure.
Player.Setav Unarmeddamage ## Change the percentage of damage your disarmed character.
Setbartergold [quantity] Change the amount with which an NPC can trade.
Player.Setav [Skill] # Change the skill level to #. Maximum of one hundred.
SETGS FLOCKSKILLBASE 100 You can open any lock forcing it.
SETGS IMAXCHARACTERLEVEL ### Change the maximum level of experience to which your character can reach ###.
Setactor Fullname “Name1 Name2” (use quotes if the name has spaces) Change the name of the selected character.
Setesential [id] 1 Change the selected NPC to essential.
Player.Setav [attribute] # Change the level of the selected attribute (from 1 to 10).
Showinventory Shows all the items and their character of the selected character in the console.
Setgs FMovesnekmult * Raise the agacing mode speed * times.
SETGS FPICKPOCKETMAXCHANCE 100 This code increases the success of collecting 85% encoded objects.
TG Activate or deactivate grass.
TT Activate or deactivate trees.
TWF Activate the rack in the cells.
Tai Activates the artificial intelligence processing of the game.
TFC Activate free camera mode.
TM Activate or deactivate HUD.
unlock Unlock any physical lock.
TMG Leave some polygons and collision areas.
Coc Megatoncommonhouse Reappear again.
COC testqaitems It reappears in a room with all items.
MOVETOQUESTTARGET/MOVETOQT [OPTIONAL: MISSION ID] Reappears where your mission goal is.


Achievements Requirements
Agatha’s Song (20) Complete the level.
Ambassador of Peace (20) Reach level 14 with good karma.
Big Trouble in Big Town (20) Complete the level.
Blood Times (20) Complete the level.
DATA MINER (20) Piratea 50 terminals.
Doesn’t Play Well with Others (20) Kill 300 people.
Exhaust! (twenty) Complete the level.
Finding The Garden of Eden (20) Complete the level.
Followsteps (20) Complete the level.
Galaxy News Radio (20) Complete the level.
Harbinger of War (20) Reach level 14 with bad karma.
Head of State (20) Complete the level.
Cheat codes are for Cowards (20) Collect 50 locks.
Last, Best Hope of Humanity (30) Reach level 20 with good karma.
Mercenary (10) Reach level 8 with neutral karma.
Oasis (20) Complete the level.
One-Man Scouting Party (20) Discover 100 locations.
Paradigm of Humanity (30) Reach level 20 with neutral karma.
Picking Up The Trail (20) Complete the level.
Pinnacle of Survival (20) Reach level 14 with neutral karma.
Protector (10) Reach level 8 with good karma.
Psychotic Prankster (10) Pull a mine or grenade while collecting an object.
Rever (10) Reach level 8 with bad karma.
Reilly’s Rangers (20) Complete the level.
Rescue from Paradise (20) Complete the level.
Scientific Pursuits (20) Complete the level.
Scourge of Humanity (30) Reach level 20 with bad karma.
Silver-Tongued Devil (20) Win 20 language challenges.
Slayer of Beasts (20) Kill 300 creatures.
Stealing Independence (20) Complete the level.
Strictly Business (20) Complete the level.
Take it back! (40) Complete the level.
Tenpenny Tower (20) Complete the level.
The American Dream (20) Complete the level.
The Bigger They are … (20) Kill all the mutant behemoths.
the G.EITHER.TO.T. Whisperer (10) Get the g.EITHER.TO.T.
The Nuka-Cola Challenge (20) Complete the level.
The Power of The Atom (20) Complete the level.
The Replicated Man (20) Complete the level.
The Superhuman Gambit (20) Complete the level.
The Wasteland Survival Guide (20) Complete the level.
The Waters of Life (20) Complete the level.
Thhu! (twenty) Complete the level.
QUEQUITY LAN (20) Complete the level.
Trouble on The Homefront (20) Complete the level.
Vault 101 Citizenship Award (10) Get the Pip-Boy 3000.
Vault-tec.AND.EITHER. (30) Collect 20 vault-tec bobbleheads.
Weaponsmith (30) Create a weapon of each.
Yes, I Play with Dolls (10) Pick up 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads.
You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in The Head (20) Complete the level.

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