Cheats f.AND.TO.R. – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Activate the cheats by clicking the T key and introduce (by pressing Enter):

Guns: Weapons.Tears: Weapons and infinite ammunition.BUILD: shows the version.armor: full armor.Gimmegun Assault Rifle: Assault rifle.Gimmegun Cannon: channel.Gimmegun Dual pistols: Double guns.Gimmegun Frag Grenade: Fragmentation grenade.Health: Health to the fullest.AMMO: Much ammunition.Gimmegun Missile Launcher: RuncoCohetes.Gimmegun Nail Gun: Nail gun.Gimmegun Remote Charge: Bomb.Gimmegun pistol: gun.gimmegun plasma weapon: plasma rifle.Gimmegun Semi-Southern Rifle: Semi-automatic rifle.Gimmegun Shotgun: Cuta.Gimmegun Submachinegun: Smg.gimmegun proximity: proximity mine.Pottergeist: Ghost mode.God: God mode.Gear: more health and better reflexes.Pos: position mode.Maphole: Jump to the next level.KFA: Weapons, ammunition, health and armor.

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