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Several cheats

Before you start you must add the following parameters to the execution of the game:

” +Set thereisacow 1337 +Set Developer 1 +Set Sv_cheats 1 +Set Monkeytoy 0″

You can achieve it by typing the route where the game is in the start> execute… and then add these lines.

If when you introduce any of the codes that we offer below, the console says “SV_CHEATS are read only”, you must write “Setrandom Sv_cheats 1”.

The following codes are introduced into the console, which appears by clicking ş:

God: Invincibility Give All: All the weapons, items and ammunition Give Ammo: Recharge the ammunition of all your Noclip weapons: cross the walls Notarget: The enemies ignore you Give Health: Health to the maximum Degg 1/0: Activate/deactivates the modeDebug Developer 1/0: Activa/Disable the Developer UFO mode: CMDList flight mode: List with all the commands of the Imagelist game: List with all the images of the current map SND_LIST: List with all the sounds used Entitylist: List with all entitiesIn use Gfxinfo: Information about the graphics of the Savegame game: Save the game Loadgame: Load the game Ai_CorpSecount: seconds that are kept the bodies on the ground CG_MARKS 1/0: Activate/deactivates the bullet marks CG_Drawfps 1/0: Active/Disable the FPS CG_Drawtimer 1/0: Activate/Disagree The Time CG_DRAWCRrosshair 1/0: Activate/Disagree The cg_crossharalpha sight #: Transparency of the sight (1.0 by default) CG_THIRDPERSON 1/0: Activate/deactivate the view in the third person CG_SHADOWS 1/0: Activate/deactivate the shades CG_Norender 1/0: Activate/deactivates the renders cg_subtitles 1/0: active/deactivates the subtitles CG_letterbox 1/0: Activa/deactivates the format of the letters cl_debugmove 0/1: Activate/deactivates the movement of the IA G_Gravity #: Change the gravity (800 by default) G_AI 1/0: Activate/deactivates the artificial intelligence g_debugullets 1/0:Activate/deactivate the G_Debugshowhit 1/0: Activate/deactivate the R_FOG bumps: Activate/deactivate the fog R_Drawentities 1/0: Activate/disable objects and NPC R_DrawWorld 1/0: Activate/deactivates the objects and funds R_Showtris 1/0: active/disable wireframe mode

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