Cheats Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


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Shiver MeBers! : Destroy all enemy boats on the map.A Recent Study Indicated That 100% Of Herdables Are Obese: Glory All Animals.<Nature Is Cure> : Get 10.000 wood.Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Coin: 10.000 coins.Medium rare please: 10.000 food.<censorred> : 10.000 wood.Nova & Orion: 10.000 experience.This is too hard: win instantly.X Marks The Spot: Show map.SOOO GOOD: Show messages when one unit kills another.Jacquesiscute: 20 musketeers in your city.Jakeiscute: 20 ambush in your city.WHERE’S THAT AX? : Generates a george crushington.Tuck Tuck Tuck: Generates a Tommynator.Already Gotta Make Do With What already Got: generates the mediocre bombard.Speed Always Wins: Accelerate construction, development and shipments.

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