Brinks Mad Max – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

Forgiven in the Páramo? With this guide you can get out of this new Mad Max adventure.

Body decoration

Desert Skull Place: Black Maws.Effect: Improvement in Attack.

Heel Place: East Grit Canyons.EFFECT: ARPON IMPROVEMENT. You will find it in the mission on Piece Tougher.



Mask of the pious Place: Dry Gustie.Effect: Improvement in Defense.

Halo plug Place: Northern Fuel VANINS.Effect: Improvement in Defense.

DREAD ARM Place: Southern Fuel VANNS.Effect: Improvement in Attack.

Helmeted Beast Place: Reek Hills.Effect: Maximum speed improvement.

Rubba Baby Place: Park Moon.Effect: Maximum speed improvement.

Bike Place: The Height.Effect: Maximum speed improvement.

Teddy Place: Grandrise.Effect: Improvement in Defense

Death Twins Place: Cadavanaugh.Effect: Improvement in Armament.

Demon Doll Place: Wailing Win.Effect: Improvement in Armament.

Mad Max Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
On the way to anywhere Travel in a vehicle 1300 times the length of a car.
Feet, what do I love for you Travel on foot 650 times the length of a car.
Fresh air Make a páramo leap with magnum opus.
Everything has been lost again
Golden Boy Reach a new legend range.
A slight distraction Complete the mission of the Dinki-Di Páramo.
Páramo chef Eat a ration of worms.
The bigger they are? Dismantles a camp from a supreme dog.
A great favor for Jeet Build two projects in Jeet’s strength.
I welcomed the thirst Give water to a vagapáamos.
A great favor for Gutgash Build two projects in the fortress of Gutgash.
Right -handed pilot Complete a mortal career to the barrel.
The Saint Complete a deadly race with an archangel.
A great favor for Pink Eye Build two projects in the strength of Pink Eye.
Digging a larger hole
The power of the machine
Falling back into the well
Jeet Prospera Reduces the threat to 0 on the pyre plateau around Jeet’s fortress.
Road warrior Reach the Warrior Legend Range of the Road.
Maximum Totally improve Max.
Cunning pilot Complete a deadly road race.
Now the good begins Eliminates all threat in Jeet’s territory.
Endless rewards Have 5000 scrap in your inventory.
Stop to smell the roses Complete all the missions of the Páramo.
Scrap collector Have 10,000 scrap in your inventory.
Flying away Fly in the balloon of each watchtower.
Oxide is the new black Get all body colors.
Grilled flowers Get all the ornaments of the hood.
Gutgash prosper Reduces the threat to 0 in Luna Agostada around the fortress of Gutgash.
Keep it up Eliminates all threat in the territory of Gutgash.
Pink Eye Prospera Reduces the threat to 0 in a sack sewn around the Pink Eye strength.
Fast pilot Complete a deadly time bomb race.
The builder Build all projects in all strengths.
Shirt suppressor Ends with all scrotus snipers.
Giving example Eliminates all threat in the territory of Pink Eye.
UPLE LEGEND Dismantles all scrotus camps.
Pump specialist Clear all mines fields.
For mindless Destroy all the scarecrow.
Obstinacy Get the best V6 and V8 engines.
Giant jump Remains in the air with a vehicle for 4 seconds or more and lands without dying.
Explosions is not enough Complete all the optional objectives of all camps.
Thousand words Get all relics.
Search and search Loot all looting places.
Crazy racing Complete at least one career in all the mortal career places.
The Guardian Complete a deadly race with each archangel.
The messenger Complete a deadly career in a legendary time with each archangel.
The exile Defeat an enemy vehicle with each archangel.
Let’s do it Complete all the challenges that cannot be repeated.

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