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Access the file  Willowgame.Ini and edit it, according to the changes you want to make.

Clue Effect
Weaponreadymax (2 to 4) Limits weapons spaces.
BdemigodMode (Change it to “True”) Invincibility.
Inventmax_misc (choose a number) The inventory rises to the maximum.
Bignorefriendlyfire Put it in “False” so you can shoot your team companions and inflict them damage.
BignorenPcfrindlyfire Put it in “false” so that NPC characters are damaged to each other.
BBOSSESRENHEALTHONRESET Put it in “True” so that the bosses do not win health after dying.
BRESURRECTALLYERSWHENONEDIES Put it in “True” so that all players begin again when a company dies.

Borderlands Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Paid in Fyrestone You have turned 5 in the Arid Badlands
You have discovered the Skag Gully You have discovered the Skag Gully
ˇDing! Newcomer You have reached level 5
ˇDing! Rookie You have reached level 10
The toughest You have killed 5 rakks in less than 10 seconds
DISCOUNT SLEDGE’S SAFE HOUSE You have discovered Sledge’s Safe House
Fire Lover You have killed 25 enemies with incendiary weapons
A little blood on the wheels You have killed 25 enemies ramming them with a vehicle
Master dynamiter You have killed 25 enemies with explosive weapons
You have discovered Headstone Mine You have discovered Headstone Mine
Some call me… Tim You have equipped your character with a class modifier
Do you call this archeology? You have applied an elementary artifact
ˇDing! Expert You have reached level 20
Fence You have sold 50 weapons to a store
1.21 gigawatts You have killed 25 enemies with electric weapons
Paid in New Haven You have fulfilled 5 missions in the Rust Commons
You have discovered Scrapyard You have discovered Scrapyard
Arms You have reached level 10 of expertise with any type of weapon
You have discovered Krom’s Canyon You have discovered Krom’s Canyon
ˇDing! Tough man You have reached level 30
Fundecaras You have killed 25 enemies with corrosive weapons
12 days from Pandora
Looking for: Krom
Made in Fyrestone You have fulfilled all the missions in the Arid Badlands
Collective healer You have rescued a death company in a cooperative game
Pandora-Dag Millionaire You have won 1.000.000 credits
You have destroyed the hive
You have discovered Trash Coast You have discovered Trash Coast
Discovered Crimson Enclave You have discovered Crimson Lance Enclave
Looking for: Flynt
Discovered Eridian Promontory Discovered Eridian Promontory
This is a team You have fulfilled 15 missions in cooperative
You have destroyed the destructive
on the front! You have killed 15 enemies with soldier’s action skill
And they will tell two friends You have played with fame
Outrageous You have killed an enemy with siren’s action ability
House of the Ned You have completed the mission “House of the Ned”
ˇDing! Sleepless You have reached level 40
Duelicio You have won a duel against another player
Made in New Haven You have fulfilled all the missions in the Rust Commons
Ned is not dead, baby
United We’ll overcome
Be careful You have killed 15 enemies with hunter’s action ability
Jakobs savory meat You have completed the mission “Jakobs’s Raveon Meat”
Monster garage You have built the monster
Duelinator You have won a duel without receiving damage
Free Athena You have rescued Athena
Demolition of arsenales Arsenal of the destroyed spear
My brother is called Mario You have killed a plumber -style enemy
Reckless abandonment You have killed 15 enemies with Bersérker’s action skill
Loaded to the fullest You have rescued enough claptps to have 42 inventory slots
Fast and Furious You have destroyed a lancer with the corridor
Death to Robol Interplanetary Ninja Assassin CLAPTRAP defeated
ˇ What realistic! 5 3D glasses achieved
ˇSeeeeeeeeesoooos! You have completed the mission “ˇseeeeeeeeesoooos!”
ˇDing! Champion You have reached level 50
Little tournament Mission demonstrates what you are completed
The collector Tannis dementenis commission completed
Speedy González You have run on the absurd highway in record time
ˇ You are on board!
Halter You have achieved level 51
Beyond the thunder dome You have been triumphant from a game of the forefront
Dwarf porous You have killed all kinds of dwarves
Piece of animal You have achieved level 61
Tourist Plates of the 6 claptrap statues read
A moron every minute
Expire Bucherax the invincible expired
Conclusive You have completed all the Missions of The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
Hell-Burbia End of the longest challenge in the Hell-Burbia Coliseum reached
Gully End of the longest challenge at The Gully Coliseum
Angelic Ruins End of the longest challenge at The Angelic Ruins Coliseum
Great tournament You have reached the end of each of the 3 greatest challenges with a character
The lubricator 25 cans of oil for claptrap found
Cabezón-Trap 15 CLAPTRAP CABEZONES achieved
ˇMenudo Fiestón! 3 stockings, 5 bags with fish and 15 pizzas achieved
Paidinfyrestone_name Paidinfyrestone_desc
Madeinfyrestone_name Madeinfyrestone_desc
Paidinnewhaven_name Paidinnewhaven_desc
Madeinnewhaven_name Madeinnewhaven_Desc
Mybrotherisanitalianplepler_name MybrotherisanitalianPpleber_Desc
Destroyed Thehive Name
Speedymcspeederton_Name Speedymcspeederton_Desc
Oucallthisarchaeology_name Oucallthisarchaeology_desc
Dingnewbie_name Dingnewbie_desc
Dingnovice_name Dingnovice_desc
Dingexpert_name Dingexpert_desc
Dinghardcore_name Dinghardcore_desc
Dingsleplepless_name Dingsleplepless_desc
Discoveredskaggully_name Discoveredskaggully_desc
DiscoveredSldGessafehouse_name DiscoveredSLedgessaFeHouse_Desc
Discoveredheadstonemine_name Discoveredheadstonemine_desc
Discoveredrashcolast_name Discoveredrashcoast_desc
Discoveredthescrapyard_name Discoveredthescrapyard_desc
Discoveredkromscanyon_name Discoveredkromscanyon_desc
Discoveredcrimsonlancenclave_name Discoveredcrimsonlancenclave_desc
Discoverederidianpromontory_name Discoverederidianpromontory_desc
Dingchampion_name Dingchampion_desc
Getalittlebloodonthetes_name GetalitTLEBloodonthetires_desc
Rootnest tootinest shootnest name ROOTNESTTOOTOSTSHOOTOST_DESC
Pandoradogmillionaire_name Pandoradogmillionaire_desc
Cantwegetbeyondtunderdome_name Cantwegetbeyondtunderdome_desc
Duellicium_name Duellicium_desc
Grouplfhealer_name Grouplfhealer_Desc
Theresnoiinteam_name Theresnoiinteam_desc
Andtheyltelltwofriends_name Andtheyltelltwofriends_DESC
Weaponficado_name Weaponficado_desc
Duelinator_name Duelinator_Desc
Facemelter_name Facemelter_Desc
121 Name Gigawatts 121 Gigawatts Desc
Pyro_name Pyro_desc
Masterexploder_name MASTEREXPLODER_DESC
Fullyloaded_name Fullyloaded_Desc
Trulyoutrageous_name TULY OUTRAGEOUS DESC
Carefulhebites_name Carefulhebites_Desc
Recklessabandon_name Recklessabandon_Desc
Downinfront_name Downinfront_Desc
Houseofthened_name Houseofthened_Desc
Jakobsfodder_name JAKOBSFODDER_DESC
Braaaaaaaaaaains_name Braaaaaaaaaains_desc
Smalltournament_name Smalltournament_desc
Hellburbia_name Hellburbia_desc
Theangelicruins_name Theangelicruins_desc
Thegully_name Thegully_desc
Bigtournament_name Bigtournament_desc
Athenaout_name Athenaout_desc
Depotdemolition_name DepotDeMolition_Desc
Sneakylittlebuggers_name Sneakylittlebuggers_desc
Speedkills_name Speedkills_desc
Dygoverleved_name Dygoverleveled_Desc
Dygoverleveledto11_name Dygoverleveledto11_desc
Complementist_name Completionist_desc

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