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Theater mode

Complete the game once, and you will unlock the theater mode: in it, you can see each of the kinematic scenes of the game separately.

Roxas character with two hands in mission mode

Buy the Zero Gear in the shop of Moogle After completing the game. Equip it handling a Roxas and a year old skill units. If you are playing Mission mode , This will allow you to play with a Roxas character who handles a weapon with each hand.

Unlock characters in the mission mode

Unlockable Requirements
Donald Play even promote you in the expert range.
Goofy Play even promote you in the master range.
King Mickey Complete all missions and buy the King’s return object in the Moogle store.
Riku Play until promoting you in the agent range.
Sora 100 % complete all missions and buy Sora’s soul object in the Moogle store.
Xion Play even promote you in the rookie range.

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