Harvest Moon Cheats: Sun Isles – NDS – Cheat codes, Guides

Special animals

Special Chicken : Get Rank Eggs S.

Special cow : Get Rank Milk S.

Special sheep : Get Rank S.

Unlockable pets

Unlockable Requirements
Cat Spend at least 30.000 g in the Mirabelle store.
Dog Get 5.Animal level 000.
Horse Get 5.000 Friendship points with Mirabelle.
Pig After seeing the island of the Champijones, he gets 100 Championes.


The following list are the islands that you can visit and the number of necessary solar stones:

Fruit Island: 10 Solar Stones.Greenhouse Island: 10 solar stones.Seta Island: 12 Solar Stones.Mystical Islands: 12 Solar Stones.Rancho Island: 3 solar stones.Rice Island: 4 solar stones.Volcano Islands: 8 solar stones.Wild Animal Island: 6 Solar Stones.

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