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Unlock full

First, complete the game (preferably with the end of the Midboss). Then, talk to her and select the option that is blank. It will automatically join you with level 1.

Etna mode

In the title menu, put the cursor on top of New Game And press: 

X, y, b, x, y, b, a

You will hear Etna’s voice before starting the game.

Finals for Etna mode

In Dysaea DS you can play in Etna mode, in which you drive the Diable as a main character. These are the finals that you can unlock in this mode:

Finals Requirements
Beauty Tyrant Overlord Etna Ending The proposal for the Netherworld alternate and The Mysteros Seal at Dark Assembly. Then, defeat Priere, Marjorly and, finally, Baal.
Normal/default ending Complete the story in conventional way, ending the last chapter of the Etna mode.

Finals for laharl mode (default mode)

Finals Requirements
Dark Assembly Ending Force proposed in the Assembly 50 times. Then, complete the game conventionally.
Etna Heroine Ending Get at least 100 deaths before chapter 5, level 4. Then, kill wood when you present the occasion.
Flonne Tragedy Ending Get at least 50 deaths before chapter 3, level 4. Then, kill Hoggmeiser when you present the occasion.
Good/Best Ending Complete the game without suffering the loss of any ally.
Item God Ending Kill an item God or item God 2. Then complete the game.
Midboss Ending Lose against Midboss in Chapter 1, 4, 6 or 10.
Normal Ending The game ends with at least the death of an ally, and you do not meet the requirements for any of the remaining 7.
Overhrowing Earth Ending Human World’s proposal passes in the Assembly. Then, complete the levels of Human World.

Etna mode through the New Game+

You can choose to play in mode Etna through New Game+ , Completing once the game. In this way, enemies will be stronger, in contrast to what happens if you access the aforementioned mode by introducing the trick code. In addition, you will find one of the points of the game where you can acquire more level of experience. To access this way, look at all entries in Etna’s secret room in the original game before the last chapter of this.

Discover Etna’s secret room

Squeeze the button behind the throne, as well as the one in the skull next to the weapons store. Look for the entrance to the room on the wall behind the prinny, in the same room where Longinus is located.

Unlock Prinny’s comment

To unlock Prinny’s comment, a new game begins in New Game+. The fastest way to unlock this comment is to lose against Midboss to create a New Game+.

Unlockable classes

Class Requirements
Angel Get the level 100 or higher in the cleric woman, the gentleman and the goalkeeper.
Archer Get level 3 or higher in the mastery of arc weapons.
EDF Soldier Get level 30 or higher in the mastery of firearms.
Galaxy Mage Get level 50 in prism Mage.
Galaxy Skull Get level 50 in the prism skull.
Knight Get the level 10 or higher in the Women Guerrero or Lamujer Mago.
Majin Get the level 200 or higher in the warrior, the Ninja, the Rogue, the Scout and the Brawler.
Ninja Get level 10 or higher in the fighter and warrior.
Prism Mage Get level 35 of a Mage Star.
Prism Skull Get level 35 of a skull Star.
Ronin Get the level 10 or higher in the Women’s Women and the Fighter Woman.
Scout Get level 5 or higher in two wrestlers/warriors, men or women.
Star Mage Get a fire magician, another of ice and another of wind and take them to level 5.
Star skull Get a fire skull, another of ice and another wind and take them to level 5.
THIEF Carries the fighter and the warrior to level 5.

Unlockable characters in the story mode

Character Requirements
Adell It exceeds the demon hall mirror level, in the orders account, 6 times.
Marjoly Get the 9th place in the Assembly. The proposal Mysteros Seal passes and complete all levels.
PLENair After completing the game, talk with fullair. Choose the blank option.
Priere Get the 8th place in the Assembly. Pass the proposal alternate Netherworld and complete all levels.
Rozalin It exceeds the demon hall mirror screen, in the cave of orders, 7 times.
Zetta Pass all the proposals of enemies. Then, after getting Gordon to join your group, complete the first phase of Stellar Severayard again.

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