Cheats Professor Layton and the Mysterious Villa – NDS – Cheat codes, Guides

Bonus puzzles

To unlock all the bonus menu puzzles, we must fulfill the different secondary tasks that the game raises:

  • The art lover’s house (Puzzo 127 – 129): Complete the portrait.
  • THE DECORATOR HOUSE (Puzzles 124 – 126): Decorate the rooms of the inn so that the two characters obtain the greatest degree of satisfaction.
  • THE HOUSE OF THE GOLDA apple (puzzles 130 – 132): Complete the game.
  • THE INVENTOR HOUSE (Puzzo 121 – 123): Assemble all the robot dog pieces.
  • THE HOUSE OF THE PUZLES MASTER (Puzzo 133 – 135): Complete the 132 previous puzzles.

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