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Throughout the game we will receive rewards, such as new skills to acquire, cars, weapons and trophies/achievements. Here we all list them:

History mode rewards

Act I: Many new skills unlocked. Trophy/Achievement “Family Man”.Act II: Luciano (car). Trophy/Achievement “What is Raymond Kenney?”.Act III: Trophy/Achievement “One less, another is left”.Act IV: Rosewood (car). Gambino (car). Trophy/Achievement “Revenge”.Act V: Trophy/Achievement “Close Session”.

Secondary missions

Crimes detected : Fast change skill. Chrome weapon. Achievement/Trophy “Justiciero”.Criminal convoys : Critical concentration skill. Destructive weapon. Achievement/trophy “Fury behind the wheel”.Agent contracts : Zusume R (car). Boxberg le (car). Offensive driving (skill). Achievement/Trophy End of journey.Band hiding places: AK-47 (weapon), quick recharge (skill), Spec-Ops SMG-11 (weapon), achievement/trophy playing background.


Disposable phones : Vespid Le (car), Achievement/Trophy “Integrity check”.People traffic : Magnate Le (Car), Achievement/Trophy “Removing Client Privileges”.Missing people : Wildfire (weapon), achievement/trophy “The darkness is coming”.QR codes: gangster (weapon), achievement/trophy “reading only”.Weapons Trade: Spect-Ops Goblin (Weapon), Achievement/Trophy “Special Saturday Night”.


Audio files: weapon D12, experience bonus.City Hotspot: Geolocalized Achievement/Trophy.Torres CTOS: SMG-11 weapon, bitter turbo (car), achievement/trophy “clean signals”.Intrusions in the CTOS: Achievement/Trophy “Systems Transteator”.Privacy Invasions: Vespid HMI 5.2 (car), Sunrim (car), achievement/trophy “peel”.Songsneak application: achievement/trophy “full hard drive”.


Check our minijuegos section to know more:

Cash Run : P-9MM (weapon), Explosion resistance skill.Chess : Maximized concentration skill.To drink : Martinete weapon.NBZN : Automatic arms expert skill.Poker : Sayonara Le (car).Trilero : Experience bonus.

Online contracts

Online hacking : OCP-11 (weapon), MP-9mm (weapon), achievement/trophy “hackification”.Online monitoring: SG-90 (weapon), so vector .45ACP (weapon), achievement/trophy “invisible cookie”.DECRIPTATION: “Chicago way”, “Firepower” and “Heavy Duty” configurations.Careers: Races Livraga Le (car), Achievement/Trophy “Superautopista”.

New vehicles

It meets the following tasks to obtain new vehicles.

Boxberg le Complete Fixer contracts.

Papavero Stealth Edition Spend 40 UPLAY POINTS.

Sayonara Le Clear a poker table during a poker game.

Sunrim Private missions successfully complete.

Vespid le Collect all hidden phones.

Zusume r Fixer’s backwards successfully complete.

Vespid 5.2 Private missions successfully complete.

New weapons

Auto-6 It unlocks with the “cyberpunk” pack.

AK-47 Clean one of the bands of bands.

Biometric assault rifle For the “simple shot” reserve and completing “a tool in the works”.

Chrome Revolver Complete ten crime detection missions.

Destructive sniper rifle For ten criminal convoys.

Gold D50 Desert Eagle Spend 30 UPlay points.

M1 SMG Unlockable in the “Los Intocable” pack.

Spec Ops SMG-11 Clean ten bands.

Tommy Gun Find all QR codes. Exceeds the mission that unlocks in the investigation that appears.

Wildfire Assault Rifle Complete six missing people.

Rifle Assault Spec Ops Goblin Complete nine arms trade missions.

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