Warcraft 3 and The Frozen Throne cheats, all the cheat codes that exist

Warcraft 3 cheats for PC

(Updated 2018) Here you will find ✅ All the cheats that exist ✅ for Warcraft 3 and its expansion well explained and proven.

Warcraft III To go down in history as one of the best real -time release games for PC of all time since many games of the genre are still inspired by their legacy.

However, let’s not forget that in Warcraft 3 we also offer the possibility of players to cheat through the use of cheats or cheats, which among other things allow us to have an advantage in the battlefield and overwhelm our enemies to be able to dispose ofof unlimited resources, build all super fast and even be indestructible, among many other effects

For the cheats to work, during the game, press the Enter key and introduce any of the following cheat codes. Here are the complete list with all the Warcraft 3 cheats for PC that exist.


Warcraft 3 cheats

  • Cheat codesersoze : Get unlimited gold. By default will give us 500 units but if we write the code, space, and a number we will obtain that exact amount of gold. example: Cheat codesersoze 5000
  • Leafittome : Get unlimited wood. By default will give us 500 units but if we write the code, space, and a number we will obtain that exact amount of wood. Example: Leafittome 5000.
  • Greedisgood : Get infinite gold and wood. By default will give us 500 units of each but if we write the code, space, and a number we will obtain that exact amount of wood and gold. Example: Greedisgood 5000.
  • = : Returns the code.
  • Daylight Savings [hour] : Put the time the time you want in the game, enter the code, space, and a number of 1-24 to change the time. Example : Daylight Savings 15
  • Warpten : Construction and research speed becomes very fast
  • Pointbreak : Eliminates the population limit/ food to build more units, but never more than 90. If you introduce it again, it will be deactivated.
  • Strengthandhonor : You can not lose. You can continue playing once you have been defeated in the campaign mode.
  • Thedudeabides : Eliminates recharge time for spells that are recharging. If there is no spell in “Coldown” there will be no effect. It must be activated and deactivated every time you want to use.
  • Greedisgood : 500 gold and wood.
  • ALLYOUBASEAREBELongous : Instant victory.
  • Thereisnospoon : Unlimited mana.
  • somoebodysetupusthebomb : Instant defeat.
  • WHOSOURDY : Your units become invincible and can kill any enemy of a single blow.
  • IseedEdpeople : Disable the battle fog, allowing you to see the entire map in full.
  • Sharpandshiny : Updates of anything are investigated much faster.
  • Riseandshine: It is done quickly.
  • Lightsout: It is quickly night.
  • Itvexesme: Winning is impossible.
  • IOCainepowder : Dying fast.
  • Synergy : Deactivate technologies tree, that is, you do not need the previous requirements to build or investigate anything.
  • WHOISJOHNGALT : Activate R&D. It really is a literary Eggeter, to investigate faster.
  • Motherland [race] [level]: Allows you to select any level. Write the code, space, game of the game in English, space, and the level. Example: Motherland Nighttelf 3

Races in English:

  • Orcs: ORC
  • humans: Human
  • Night elves: Nighttelf
  • living Dead: Undead

Cheats that do not work:

We collect all those fraudulent or that do not work, so that you do not waste time looking for them.

Ihavethepower: your heroes supposedly uploads to level 10, but it’s a lie.Abrakadabra: trees disappear, but it doesn’t work.

Note: These cheats only work in the campaign mode, in skirmishes and in personalized local network games (LAN). They do not work in multiplayer.

To verify that the cheats are activated, once the message “Cheat Code Enabled” should appear

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