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Expert mode in 100 Mario Challenge

To unlock the expert mode in 100 Mario Challenge, simply suppose it in normal mode.


The stars you receive from the levels you have sent online accumulate. That will allow you to raise more levels. Do not miss if you delete a level.


Goomba: Receive a star.Koopa Troopa (20 -level limit): Receive 50 stars

CRT mode

Keep pressed down the addresses and click B+A on the load screen of a level to activate the CRT mode (old television) without the amiibo of the Mario anniversary. Repeat the code to deactivate the effect.

Matamanas Minigame

During the edition of a level, when you delete a block for example, you will see three flies flying. Touch them and if you do it correctly, the minigame Mario Paint Fly will begin. These flies do not always appear and you will need to try.

Complete the minigame unlocks Mario’s builder suit.

Easter Egg

On the interactive title screen you can play the letters of the text on the touch screen. Each letter does something different, such as making enemies or coins appear.

Nintendo World Championships 2015 levels

Complete the ten mario challenges seven times.

Luigi Mushroom

Complete the four levels of Nintendo World Championships 2015. Luigi Mushroom will appear in Course Maker when the Super Mushroom is satisfied. It can only be used at Super Mario Bros levels.

Amiibo costumes

If you don’t have the amiibo of a character and want to unlock that suit, it is not necessary to buy the figure.

Simply play 100 Mario Challenge to unlock it. Every time you do, you will be rewarded with a random Amiibo suit. However, you can only play in the easy difficulty 20 times and normal 45 before being obliged to the expert mode, with which you must obtain the remaining.

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