Super Mario 3D World World – Wii U – Cheat codes, Guides

Luigi Bros minigame.

You can unlock this minigame with Luigi based on the Mario Bros. original in two ways:

– Have a game of Super Luigi u in the Wii u- Complete the 1-8 worlds of the main game.

You can access the game playing Luigi’s icon in the lower left corner of the Gamepad screen.


Complete the star 2 world to unlock Rosalina.

Hidden pipe

Near the end of the world 1-2, on the label room there is a secret room with an orange pipe. It can be achieved using cat suit, and once you enter it will take you to the world 2.

New worlds

Star world The main game ends.

Mushroom world Complete the star world.

CORONA WORLD Get all stamps, green stars and gold flags in checkpoints from the world 1 to the flower world.

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