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Extra characters

Baby Daisy: A star in all 50cc Wii glasses.Baby Luigi: Activa 8 Ghost Expert Data in the Counter Real.Birdo: Play counterrelojes in 16 circuits or wins 250 Wi-Fi games.Bowser JR. : Win 1 star in all 100cc retro-couples.Daisy: wins the 150cc Special Cup.Diddy Kong: Complete 50cc retro glasses.Dry Bones: Wins the 100 cc sheet cup.Dry Bowser: wins a star in all 150cc wii-cas.Funky Kong: Activa 5 ghost expert data in the time trial.King Boo: Wins the 50cc Cup Star.Mii (outfit a): wins the 100cc Cup Special.MII (Outfit B): Activates 32 ghost expert data in the counterrelojes.Rosalina: Have a stored game of Super Mario Galaxy and you will get it after a star in the mirror retro-coons.TOADETTE: Play counterrelojes in 32 circuits or win 1.000 Wi-Fi games.

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