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Extra parts

Get this number of coins to get parts for cars and customize them. There is an improvement every 50 coins, and from 1.000 in total, every 100:

Cushion wheels (wheels): 50mr. Scooty (Moto): 100Blue Standard (Wheels): 150pipe Frame (KART): 200Tri-Seder (three-wheel kart): 250sick (wheels): 300Wild Wiggler (ATV): 350button (wheels): 400cloud wing (wing): 450varmint(Moto): 500plane wing (wing): 550yoshi motorcycle (motorcycle): 600flower wing (wing): 650the duke (motorcycle): 700circuit Special (Kart): 750PRANCER (KART): 800Crimson Slim (wheels): 850LANDSHIP (Kart):900FLAME RIDER (MOTORCYCLE): 950RETRO OFF-RAD (Wheels): 1,000Steel Driver (KART): 1,100AZURE ROLLER (wheels): 1,200WARIO WING (ALA): 1,300COMET (MOTORCYCLE): 1.400OFF-ROAD (wheels): 1,500Metal wheels (wheels): 1,600Jet motorcycle (motorcycle): 1.700teddy buggy (kart): 1.800Waddle Wing (wing): 1,900Bowser Kite (wing): 2,000hot monster (wheels): 2,100cat crusta (kart): 2,200SpongeIn

Extra characters

Complete these goals to achieve the following characters:

Baby Rosalina: Get a gold trophy in Mushroom Cup 150cc.IgGY: Get a gold trophy in Mirror Shell Cup.Lakitu: Get a gold trophy in Lightning Cup 150cc.Larry: Get a gold trophy in Leaf Cup 150cc.Lemmy: Get a gold trophy in Special Cup 150cc.Ludwig: Get a gold trophy in Mirror Banana Cup.Metal Mario: Get a gold trophy in Special Cup 100cc.MII: Get a gold trophy at Star Cup 150cc.Morton: Get a gold trophy in Mirror Mushroom Cup.Pink Gold Peach: Get a gold trophy in Banana Cup 150cc.Rosalina: Get a gold trophy in Shell Cup 150cc.Roy: Get a gold trophy in Flower Cup 150cc.TOADETTE: Get a gold trophy in Mirror Flower Cup.Wendy: Get a gold trophy at Star Cup 100cc.

Gold Kart

Get gold on all circuits to obtain gold kart.

Mirror mode

Get gold in all Grand Prix circuits to get this way.

Credits and alternative title

Get a gold trophy in all 150cc and mirror races to get credits and alternative title.


Complete all a drink races to get characters stamps.

New glasses

Complete the following tournaments in the first place to unlock new tournaments.

Flor Cup Complete the Champión Cup.

Star cup Complete the flower cup.

Special Cup Complete the star cup.

Banana Cup Complete the Caparazón Cup

Leaf cup Complete the Banana Cup.

Rayo Cup Complete the leaf cup.

Golden pieces

Complete the following tasks to obtain golden pieces.

Gold planner : Collect 10.000 coins.Gold mango : Tuiliza Wii control for at least 50% of your last 100 stages.Gold Standard Kart : Get at least one star (score at least 54 points) in every 150cc and and career Espejo.Gold tires : exceeds all the team’s countercalkers.

Turbo exit

Press and keep the acceleration button when 2 appears in the countdown to obtain an extra impulse at the output.

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