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Level 3 guide

Level 3 solution:

– Take the tool on the ground, under the table.- Open the top of the closet and use the tool to open the pipe.- Examine the toy car under television.- Examine the bottom of the closet, take the laptop battery and put it in the laptop.- Interact with the laptop to change the color and match that of the toy car.- Will show you a new track for later.- Use the water pipe as cloaks for the closet under TV.- Open the closet and make it coincide with the image that the laptop taught you.- Take the key and open the door with it.

Level 1 guide

Level 1:

– Examine the right chest and solve the puzzle.- Take a chest handle and put it in the left drawer.- Take the drawer screwdriver and use it to unravel the ventilation grid.- Examine the table above and you will see the number 1915.- Place the combination 1915 in the safe and take the key.- Put the key on the door.

Level 2 guide

Level 2 Solution:

– Examine the small box on the left and you will see a group of numbers, 493.- Enter 493 in the wooden box of the ground and open it.- Take a water key inside and put it in the pipe on the right.- Activate the pipe, and take a key after the water is filled.- Use the key to deactivate the cabin on the right and take a lar card.- Use to get out of the level.

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