Asphalt 8: Airborne – Android – Cheat codes, Guides


The new game of the Asphalt saga has optional micropagos, but they are not necessary to get all the content of the game. We can get all cars and extras based on playing and playing, but rookies or those who are in a hurry can always buy cars or money from the game to accelerate their progress.


Choose the control system that best suits you: Asphalt 8 has several control options that can be configured on the options screen, choosing the one that is most comfortable for you is vital for you to gain. The default option makes the steering wheel turn when turning the mobile or tablet, but there are also options that include virtual buttons on the screen, and you can activate or deactivate self -acement. It is also advisable.

Domates the skids: The best way to win nitro and take curves is to skid. To do so we just have to press the brake button slightly, and press it again to stop skidding. When skidding we will have to control the direction and guidance of the car, and while we are skipping in a curve we will win Nitro.

The importance of nitro: The nitro, the turbo that gives us a speed impulse, is vital to gain races. It is important to win nitro with the skids and know the circuits to know when to use it. It is also important to use nitro correctly to achieve a perfect impulse.

Master the maps: An important part of the races is to know their maps and, above all, the alternative roads in each of them. There are alternative routes to hidden shortcuts and passages. To get an advantage in the races, the circuits are tightened, where are the shortcuts and what alternative routes favor your car more.

Be careful with crash: The clashes will make you lose seconds very valisous in the races. Try not to collide and that rival cars do not hit you, and avoid the traffic that goes in the opposite direction.

Get money without paying: In the races we will get money, but we will also achieve bonus to make overtakes, hit small objects, avoid the clashes and get all the map stars.

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