All the cheats and commands of Fallout 4

Fallout 4 cheats for PC

We tell you how to use the command console and how to take advantage of other facets of the game.

Like almost all games available on PC, there are a number of console commands or cheats that we can use in Fallout 4. It is a series of codes for Get money, objects, materials…

We tell you how they work All console commands And the effect they have.


Inventory cheats

These cheats allow us Make us with objects Without the need to get them on our own. Is ugly, but it is a magnificent way to get everything you want. We will tell you the most important objects to achieve , as well as a way of get all the objects .

  • Player.ADDITEM IDOBJETO QUANTITY: The object specified in idobject is directly specified in the amount specified in quantity.
  • Player Additem 0000000F X: Ańde your inventory as many sheets as indicated in x.
  • Player.ADDITEM 0000000A X: Ańde your inventory as many forks as indicated in x.
  • Player.ADDITEM 00023736 X: Ańe to your inventory as many stimulants as indicated in x.
  • Player.ADDITEM 00023742 X: Ańe to your inventory as many Radaway as indicated in x.
  • Player.ADDITEM 00075FE4 X: Ańade your inventory as many fusion nuclei as indicated in x.
  • Player.ADDITEM 000BD56F: AńADE EL GORDO (Fatman, the Nuclear Mard) to your inventory.
  • Player.ADDITEM 000E6B2E X: Ańde your inventory as many nuclear minicabezes as indicated in x.

How to find out the idobject of an object

To use player.Additem you need to find out the ID (idobject) of each of them. There is an immense amount of them and we will give you A simple way to find out the ID of any object .

This is something very simple:

  • You just have to place the cursor on the object with the open command console .
  • However, if you don’t have that object?
  • If you enter the console the command coc qasmoke You will appear in a place with a box containing A unit of all the objects of the game .

How to use the command console

The first thing you should know is How to open the command console . That is, the place where you are going to type the aforementioned to activate the cheats.

In this game it is done in a very simple way, enough with Press the ń key Standard Qwerty keyboard. With the open console, simply write the command as if it were a chat window and press the enter button so that it takes effect.

Remember that The cheats work as a “switch” . That is, if you use TGM once, you activate the God mode, and if you use it again, it is disabled.

How to find out the ID of objects and NPCs

A constant in most cheats is that You need the identifier (Id) NPCS and objects . There is a very simple way to know the ID of objects and NPC and it is Place the cursor on the object or NPC while you have the open console . You will see a Leterero with the ID of what you have selected.

Character cheats

These cheats will directly affect our character and, sometimes, the NPCs of the world:

  • TogGLEGODMODE: You can also write TGM Without more. Activates God mode, which not only makes it impossible for you to die in any way. It also gives you infinite ammunition, construction materials and infinite load (you can carry all the objects you want). Note that Servoarmaduras still consume fusion nuclei .
  • TOOGLEINMORTALMODE: You can also write Tim Without more. Activate immortal mode. The health bar will never reach zero, but you will not have infinite ammunition, loading or resistance. Using this command is a dangerous swwee , because it makes permanent the effects of attacks that “break” body parts.
  • Togglecollision: You can also write TCL Disable collision detection. This means that The walls and doors can be crossed even when in normal conditions you cannot . Keep in mind that this also affects NPCs and that you cannot cross the invisible barriers surrounding the map. The NPCs will also move through doors and walls, but they will not leave the limits of the location in which they are.
  • Setscale X: Establish the size of your character based on the value assigned to x. 1 is the minimum value, 10 the maximum. Only allows entire numbers.
  • Player.SETLEVEL X: Establish the your character level depending on the value assigned to x. Only allows entire numbers.
  • Sexchange: Your character changes to the opposite sex to the one who has right now.
  • TDETECT: You are invisible to NPC. You can interact with them, but they will never be alert.
  • Player.Setav Speedmult X: establish the speed of movement of your character depending on the value assigned to x. The standard value is 100. The higher it is, the faster you move.
  • Player.SETLEVEL X: Establish the level of your character depending on X. You can’t put a lower level to your character’s current.
  • Player.Resthealth: The life bar rereads (you keep the radiation level).
  • SETGS FJumpheightmin X: Establish the height you reach with your jumps according to X. The standard value is 90. The higher, the higher jumps.
  • Setgs Fjumpfallheightmult X: establishes the damage by fall depending on x. A greater value, greater damage. If you indicate 0, you will not receive damage.
  • Player.Modav Special X: Increase one of your s attributes.P.AND.C.Yo.TO.L. In the amount specified in X. The attribute that goes up is the one you indicate in Special. Modav can also be used to Add experience, maximum load…

Special codes in the MODAV command

These are the words (there are codes, but the game recognizes the words) that you must use in the Modav command to upload your attributes s.P.AND.C.Yo.TO.L. Besides, you can also indicate Other values such as experience, health or maximum load .

  • Charisma: Charisma.
  • Strength: Force.
  • endurance: Endurance.
  • Intelligence: Intelligence.
  • LUCK: Luck.
  • perception: Perception.
  • AGILITY: Agility.
  • Actionpoints: Pa.
  • Carryweight: Maximum load.
  • Health: Maximum health.
  • Experience: AńADE EXP.

Missions cheats

These cheats affect the ongoing missions. In general, They do not serve for past missions already completed .

  • SQT: It gives you a list of goals and of IDS (What we will refer to as an idness) of all current active missions.
  • SQO IDMISSION: It shows you all the objectives of the mission specified in idness.
  • COMPLETEQUEST IDMISSION: Complete the mission you have indicated in idness.
  • Restastest Idension: Restart the mission indicated in idness. You must be very careful with this command , Because you can make fundamental elements or NPCS disappear to advance in the game and therefore load your game.
  • SHOWECESTSTAGES IDMISSION: You can also write SQS IDMISSION . It gives you the stages of the indicated mission.
  • Setsnge Idmission Stage: First of all you must indicate in IDMISSION THE CODE OF THE MISSION ON WHICH YOU WANT TO HAVE EFFECT . Then you must select the STAGE of the mission. In this case you must indicate 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. being 10 the first stage, 20 the second…
  • Getstage Idmission: First of all you must indicate in IDMISSION THE CODE OF THE MISSION ON WHICH YOU WANT TO HAVE EFFECT . The game will tell you the stage in which it is, giving you a number in Anglo -Saxon format. The command will answer you 10.00, 20.00, 30.00, etc.
  • COMPLETEALLOBJECTIVES IDMISSION: Complete all the objectives of the specified mission.
  • CAQS: The definitive trick to complete missions. Complete all the objectives and missions you have active , suddenly.
  • SAQ: Lanhes all the missions of the game at the same time. The only effect it has is that causes the game to freeze .

NPCS cheats

These cheats are destined to take effect on NPCs, including not only normal characters, but also hostiles.

  • IDNPC.Kill: Eliminate the NPC specified in IDNPC, unless he is an essential character for history .
  • IDNPC.Resurrect: Risks the NPC specified in IDNPC, unless he is a character who should be dead for plot reasons . Resurrect NPCs that have died decapitated or with dismembered members can have effects… strangers.
  • Recycleactor: Los NPC of random events , Like bandits attacking a camp, Reset throughout the area .
  • Kah: eliminates all hostile NPCs in the area. Note that You can kill human NPC if they are hostile , But no NPC essential for history.
  • Killall: Eliminates All NPC of the area, hostile or not , except for the essentials for history.
  • IDNPC.TCAI: Disable the NPC combat the AI specified in IDNPC.
  • IDNPC.Tai: completely deactivates (it will be frozen where you are) of the NPC specified in IDNPC.
  • TCAI: deactivate the combat AI of all NPCs of the game.
  • Tai: deactivate the combat AI of all NPCs of the game. Basically eliminates threats in the form of living beings from the game.
  • TM: deactivate the entire interface. You should not use this command.
  • setesential IDNPC X: Determine whether a character is immortal or not. The character is indicated in IDNPC. If instead of x you put 0, the NPC can die permanently. With 1 instead of x, the NPC is immortal.
  • Restai: Reset the AI of the NPCs. This serves to solve “frozen” characters or that they started walking through a wall.
  • IDNPC.TC: Makes controls to the indicated NPC. You must keep in mind that To prevent the NPC from moving while your character (The command does not cancel your character’s control, it would make exactly the same movements as the NPC you control), before you should write Player.TC to stop controlling your character. When you want, you can re -introduce the IDNPC.TC to stop controlling NPC and Player.TC to recover your character.

Faction cheats

These commands serve to alter what factions the NPCS are allied , as well as to make them hostile with each other. You can, for example, make the brotherhood not aggressive when meeting members of the Institute. It can also be used with your character.

  • IDNPC.ADDTOFACTION IDFACTION X: makes the specified NPC part of the faction indicated depending on x. If instead of x you put 0, the NPC is a friend. With a 1, it is ally.
  • Player.ADDTOFACTION IDFACTION X: The same as the previous one, but applied to your character.
  • IDNPC.stirfromfaction Idfaction: the indicated NPC becomes neutral for the specified faction. You should consider A detail related to your character . Let’s say that Your character belongs to the Brotherhood . If you make the NPC neutral with the brotherhood, it will also be neutral with your character to be the brotherhood.
  • IDNPC.stirfromallfactics: The indicated NPC is eliminated from all factions. Take into account the previous command notice.
  • Setally Idfaction Idfaction X: makes the two features specify friends depending on x. If instead of x you put 0 they will be friends, if you put 1 they will be allied.
  • Setenemy Idfaction Idfaction X: makes the two features specify… “Not so friends” depending on x. If instead of x you put 0, they will be neutral to each other. If you put 1, they will be enemies.


  • Atom Cats: 00048641
  • Diamond City security: 00002F65
  • Triggermen: 00083AD0
  • The Forged: 0031010D
  • The railway: 000994F6
  • The Institute: 0005E558
  • Gunners: 00058303
  • Steel Brotherhood: 0005DE41
  • Children of the atom: 0002FB84
  • Neighborhood Patrol: 000E1ACC
  • Community pillars: 000BBF88
  • Minutemen: 00068043
  • Looters: 0001CBED

Fallout 4 Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
The war never changes
When freedom calls
Born survivor
Past-source games
Citizen of Commonwealth
The first step
Reforms at home
Semper undefeated
A very little holy courage
Community Organizer
Unstoppable globetrotters
Recognition unit
Mine is yours
Pest control
Dangerous minds
Old weapons
Never alone
Hunted hunter
The paper is not dead
The molecular level
Spies like us
Humanity – redefined
Yerm legend
The worst Robco nightmare
Armed and dangerous
The nuclear option
To all power
Mechanical threat
… harder will be the fall
Nuclear family
Blind betrayal
They are not very…
Far from home
Robot hunter
Restoring order
Most in toys
Where are you belonging
For a better life, underground
AD Victoriam
Underground cover
The Red Fulgor of the rockets
ˇHome run!
Close to home
That the fog back
How life should be
Vacation in New England
Hurry of the shelter
… They are collectible figures
Purifying the earth
And we were salt water
That the hooligan do not stop
The Great Tour
Offensive move
Compassionate leader
For all
Home Sweet Home
Almanac of the island
In the pillory
Mass production
Hostile expansion
Loot to live
Concentrated in the prize
Brefing teacher

Achievements of Xbox Live of Fallout 4

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Yerm legend Reaches level 50 fifty
FUTURE FOR THE FUTURE Decides the destiny of the Commonwealth fifty
Close to home Complete the mission “near home”. fifty
Recognition unit Discover 100 locations 40
Mercenary Complete 50 various objectives 30
Mine is yours Force 50 locks 30
The worst Robco nightmare Hackea 50 terminals 30
Armed and dangerous Create 50 modules for weapons 30
Bricoyermo Fabrica 100 objects 30
Offensive move Complete “offensive move” 30
The nuclear option Complete “The Nuclear Option” 30
Nuclear family Complete “Nuclear Family” 30
Old weapons Complete “old weapons” 30
The Red Fulgor of the rockets Complete “The Red Fulgor of the rockets” 30
Unstoppable globetrotters Reaches level 25 25
Sanctuary Complete “Sanctuary” twenty
Community Organizer Forms an alliance with 3 settlements twenty
Compassionate leader It reaches the maximum of happiness in a large settlement twenty
Hunting Complete 10 secondary missions twenty
Carñace Get 1000 resources for crafts twenty
Never alone Recruit 5 compañdifferent eros twenty
Adorable Get the maximum level in a relationship with a companyñero twenty
Reforms at home Fabric 100 objects in the workshop twenty
… harder will be the fall Kill 5 giant creatures twenty
The paper is not dead Read 20 magazines twenty
Genocidal Kill 300 people twenty
Pest control Kill 300 creatures twenty
… They are collectible figures Get 20 Vault-Tec Cabezones twenty
Mechanical threat Complete “mechanical threat” twenty
Head Complete “do things with a head” twenty
Restoring order Complete “restoring order” twenty
Robot hunter Unlock 10 robots modules twenty
Most in toys Build 10 robots modules twenty
Trapper Build a cage of each type twenty
Far from home Complete the mission “Far from home”. twenty
Where are you belonging Complete the mission “where you belong”. twenty
How life should be Complete the mission “how life should be”. twenty
Purifying the earth Complete the mission “purifying the earth”. twenty
Exposure Have a weapon and armor in its corresponding supports and a servoarmadura in an exhibitor twenty
Mass production Produces 100 objects with your builders twenty
Hurry of the shelter I equip a settler with a shelter suit 88 and a pip-boy twenty
Hostile expansion Establish 8 looting camps at the Commonwealth twenty
Hyperazcarado Defeat 40 creatures from Nuka-World under the effects of any Nuka-Mixer flavor twenty
Concentrated in the prize Exchange 100000 vouchers in the Nuka-Cade gallery twenty
The Great Tour Complete “The Great Tour” twenty
Home Sweet Home Complete “Home, Dulce Hogar” twenty
A very little holy courage Complete “A very little holy Valentine” twenty
Meetings Complete “Meetings” twenty
Dangerous minds Complete “dangerous minds” twenty
Hunted hunter Complete “Hunter/Sucling” twenty
The molecular level Complete “the molecular level” twenty
Trainer Have 5 domesticated creatures in a settlement fifteen
Instigator Start a sand fight with spectators in settlement fifteen
Supervision ConviéRtete in supervisor fifteen
For a better life, underground Unlock all shelter construction areas 88 fifteen
Past-source games Play a game in Holocinta 10
That the hooligan do not stop Place a grenade or mine while stealing 10
Home Run! Make a home run 10
TouchDown! Make a touchdown 10
They are not muñechoes… Get 10 Vault-Tec Cabezones 10
Citizen of Commonwealth Reaches level 10 10
Isle Almanacñeither Get all the numbers of the magazine “Almanac del Isleñeither”. 10
For all Defeat 30 marine creatures of Far Harbor. 10
Vacation in New England Discover 20 locations by FAR Harbor. 10
That the fog back Unlock the location of 3 Far Harbor workshops. 10
AlreadyñSALADA WATER Prepare one of Far Harbor’s new recipes. 10
In the pillory Assign a colonist to an stocks 10
Loot to live Complete 12 missions for any band of Nuka-World looters 10
Fanzinero Get all the numbers of the magazineñero! 10
Brefing teacher Create 20 different flavors of Nuka-Cola 10
Walk Complete “Paseo” 10
The war never changes Know the yerm 10
When freedom calls Complete “when freedom calls” 10
Institutionalized Complete “institutionalized” 10
Humanity – redefined Complete “humanity – redefined” 10
To all power Complete “to all power” 10
The first step Join the Minutemen 10
Independence Complete “Independence” 10
Semper undefeated Join the steel brotherhood 10
Blind betrayal Complete “blind betrayal” 10
Spies like us Join the railroad 10
Underground cover Complete “underground cover” 10
Born survivor Reaches level 5 5

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