PS5 Pro: Rumors, Specs, Price and Release

Around three years after the release of the Playstation 5, there are more and more rumors about a possible Pro version. We collect all leaks about the PS5 Pro in the following overview.

Is the PS5 Pro coming? We collect an overview of all rumors and leaks.
Is the PS5 Pro coming? We collect an overview of all rumors and leaks.

Update October 20, 2023: We have added a new leak that provides information about the specifications.

The Playstation 5 came onto the market almost three years ago. However, the Germany release on November 19, 2020 was accompanied by some availability problems, not least due to the corona pandemic.

The situation has now largely calmed down, so that the PS5 has fully started its service as a current-gen console.

However, some prospective buyers are waiting for the Pro version of the Playstation 5, which is in the works and, like the PS4 Pro, will offer a technical upgrade to the current generation of consoles.

This PS5 Pro is said to have been in development for quite some time. In the following overview we will show you what rumors and information are circulating about the Playstation 5 Pro.

PS5 Pro release: next year at the latest?

There is currently conflicting information circulating about the potential launch period for the Playstation 5 Pro. However, all leakers agree that the PS5 Pro will arrive by the end of 2024 at the latest.

For Tom Henderson from the Insider-Gaming portal, it is certain that the Pro version is already in development . A release in November 2024 is considered realistic for him – in relation to the release times of previous generations.

The launch brought into play by the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead in time for the 2023 Christmas season is now considered impossible. The date would be too short at this point, especially since Sony will probably not be convening another hardware event after the presentation of the Playstation Portal.

PS5 Pro price: Higher RRP possible

There is currently no information or leaks circulating about the price of the Playstation 5 Pro. Accordingly, we can only guess based on the last few years: There was no difference in terms of RRP between the Playstation 4 and PS4 Pro in terms of the respective release date, both consoles started at a price of 400 euros.

Accordingly, the hope remains that the price increase for the Playstation 5 in August 2022 will remain a one-off procedure. About a year ago, Sony changed the MSRP of the PS5 as follows:

  • PS5 with UHD Blu-ray drive: $599
  • PS5 Digital Edition: $499

Depending on the technical data that could be in a Playstation 5 Pro, a further increase in the RRP is also conceivable. Shortly after the release of the original console, Moore’s Law Is Dead speculated about the PS5 Pro’s potential 8K capabilities, which would carry an MSRP of up to $700.

PS5 Pro Specs: Ray tracing upgrade with new AMD chip

Where it says Pro, it must also have Pro on it – accordingly, it is assumed that there will be a proper hardware upgrade for the new version of the PS5 console. The first information that confirms this to a certain extent comes from the TV manufacturer TCL, which gave an outlook on the technical data as part of a presentation.

According to TCL, the Playstation 5 Pro will allow natively rendered 4K resolution with up to 120 frames per second. 8K resolution will also be possible with the PS5 Pro, although suitable televisions and material are still few and far between.

Among other things, this should be made possible by GPU performance that is on a par with the Radeon RX 7700 XT. This would allow roughly twice the computing power compared to the RDNA 2 generation currently in use, which would also affect the ray tracing capacities.

The leaker RedGamingTech is also said to have already found out concrete data. The Reddit community is skeptical about the leak.

PS5 Pro Design: With a removable drive?

One of the criticisms that Sony has sometimes had to listen to is the design of the Playstation 5. Too bulky, too big, too ugly . The Japanese manufacturer does offer some special editions of the Playstation 5 with a fresh look – including the limited PS5 design for Spider-Man 2 – but that doesn’t change the general structure.

The manufacturer seems to have taken the feedback to heart. There is already speculation about a possible slim version of the Playstation 5 that it will have a removable disk drive. It is quite conceivable that Sony will also integrate the same feature for the PS5 Pro in order to have more space for the presumably higher-quality components.

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