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Press pause to enter the solitude strength menu. Then introduce:

God mode: up (2), below (2), left, right, left, right, y, x x.

All the Power-ups: left, y, right, x, down, y, up, down, x, y, x.

All unlockable: left, up, right, down, y, x, y, above, right, x x.

Infinite city health: and, right, and, right, up, left, right and.

Bizarro in free mode: up, right, down, right, up, left, down, right, up. Then go to the roof of the GNN building to become a bizarre.

Xbox Live Achievements of Superman Returns

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
The metropolis hero Completed all the events of metropolis and minijuegos 200
Metal tamed Metal arrested in the name of justice. 100
I save you! For you bizarro not be defeated! 100
What a dizziness You have saved Metropolis from the devastating tornado. 100
The hordes of Mongul You have defeated Mongul once again. 100
Warworld You visited Warworld and now you master it. fifty
Don Bigoton You have rescued all metropolis mininos. fifty
Avoid Armageddon You have survived the meteor rain. 30
Super Superman You have achieved all the potentiators. 30
A versatile fighter Make 99 fight combos. 30
Usual traveler Walk at least 10.000 kilometers. 30
Help on the road Collect at least 100 cars. 30
The big day Play a total of 12 hours. 30
A heavyweight Raise at least 10.000 tons throughout the game. 30
I am Bizarro I destroy metropolis! Now be sure. twenty
Supersonic You have completed all the fast flying minigue routes. twenty
Not so super You have written a trick code to ask for help from desperate. 0


30g: Avoid Armageddon Completed Level 01: Meteorite Storm

200g: the metropolis hero Complete all the events of metropolis and minijuegos

(Secret) 50g: Warworld You visited and dominated the Warworld.

(Secret) 100g: Metal You beat metal.

(Secret) 100g: bizarre First confrontation with Bizarro.

(Secret) 100g: Twisted Save Metropolis del Tornado.

(Secret) 100g: Mongulas hordes You beat Mongul once again.

50G: mr. As-lad Complete all mini -games

20G: I am Bizarro Complete the bizarre minigame

20G: Supersonic Finished all fast flying minigos

50g: Don Bigoton Find all kittens

30G: Super Superman Get the 15 potentiators

(Secret) 30g: versatile fighter Make 99 combos.

30g: usual traveler Tour 10.000 kilometers

30g: Help on the road Collect 100 cars throughout the game

30g: The big day Play a total of 12 hours

30g: A heavyweight Raise 10.000 tons throughout the game

(Secret) 0g: Not so super Use a trick in the game.

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