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Teh Internets

This trick requires having your Xbox 360 connected to a Gold account. Gather 20 bandages in the game and you will get a message telling you that you have unlocked “Teh Internet”. Go to the chapter selection screen and select the left option to access Team Meat and new levels.

Brownie player image

Defeat Brownie in a race.

More characters

Complete the following task to unlock the different characters:

4 COLOR MEAT BOY: collect 80 bandages. 4 -bit Meat Boy: collects 60 bandages. 8-bit meat boy: collect 40 bandages. ALIEN HOMINID: collect 30 bandages. Video Commander (Bit Trip): Complete the Warp Zone in the first world. Flywrench: Complete The Fly Guy! Warp Zone in the world 4-18. Gish: collects 10 bandages. Jill (Mighty Jill Off): Complete the Warp Zone in the second world. Ninja (N+): Collect 100 bandages. OGMO (JUMPER): Complete The Jump Man! Warp Zone in the world 3-16. Pink Knight. Spelunky: collect 70 bandages. The Kid (I Wanna Be The Guy): Completathe Guy! Warp Zone in the world 5-7. Tim (Braid): Collect 50 bandages.

Avatar rewards

Complete the following task to unlock the images: Super Meat Boy (boy and girl): Complete the Light World.

Super Meat Boy T -shirt (boy and girl): Play for a few minutes.

Xbox Live Achievements of Super Meat Boy Xbla

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
The End You have won the game!… But it’s not the end, right? 65
Living in the past You conquered five distortion zones ! You belong to the old school… twenty
The Real End You completed the Dark World… You are amazing. twenty
I am a god! You got 100% in Super Meat Boy, start hesitating! twenty
Nostalgia You found a distortion zone! You are already paying me the door repair! fifteen
The Commander You unlock the Video Commander! It gives way to the double rainbow! 10
The Kid You unlock the Kid! 10
Iron boy! You completed an entire chapter without being killed! Well done! 10
Business Time You unlock Tim getting 50 bandages! It is rare… 10
Suffragette You have defeated Cotten Alley your Solito! 10
Tin Boy You just overcome 10 levels without killing you! For that reason, Meat Boy loves you! 5
Sticky Fingers You unlock Gish getting 10 bandages! This is done! 5


Nostalgia (15g): Find and unlock a distortion zone.

Living in the past (20g): Find and unlock five distortion zones.

The Commander (10g): Find and unlock commander video.

The Kid (10g): ˇDeblock the Kid!

Tin Boy (5g): Complete 10 levels in a row without killing you.

Iron boy! (10g): Complete a complete chapter without killing you.

Sticky Fingers (5g): Get 10 bandages.

Business Time (10g): Get 50 bandages.

The End (65g): Complete the main game.

The Real End (20g): Complete the Dark World.

Suffragette (10g): ˇhas defeated Cotten Alley Tu Solito!

I am a god! (20g): Complete 100% of the game.

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