Silent Hill Cheats: Homecoming – Xbox 360 – Cheat codes, Guides

Young Alex suit

On the screen Press start , Enter the following code to unlock the young Alex’s suit:

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b

End of the game

Final Requirements
Boogeyman Don’t forgive your father, don’t kill your mother and don’t save Wheeler
DROWNING Don’t forgive your father, but kill your mother
Good Forgive your father and kill your mother
Hospital Forgive your father but don’t kill your mother
UFO Don’t forgive your father, don’t kill your mother, but save Wheeler

Extra costumes

Unlockable Requirements
Bogeyman or Pyramid Head helmet Unlock it getting the end Bogeyman
Alex Substitute Unlock it getting the end ufo
Soldier of the Order Unlock it getting the final drug
Alex Camillero Unlock it getting the end hospital
Alex truck driver Unlock it getting the final good

Extra scene

Collect all the photos and you can see an extra scene when the CR titleséDito end at the end of the game.

Extra weapons

To get extra weapons of the game, complete the game at least once.

Weapons Requirements
Circular saw You can find it in the garage at the Shepard family house
Laser gun You can find her in Joshua’s room, on top of her shoemaker, after having achieved the end UFO

Silent Hill’s Xbox Live Live Achievements: Homecoming

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
The old godsâ € ¦ â € ¦ have not abandoned this place. Complete the game in difficult difficulty. 100
Josh’s gallery All the photos found fifty
Head out of water Amnion defeated fifty
Recover breath Asphyxia defeated fifty
Blood donor SCARLET defeated fifty
Six feet underground Sumcher defeated fifty
Addicted to healthy life All serum units found fifty
In water Final 2 achieved fifty
Smile! Final 1 achieved fifty
Intensive care Final 4 achieved fifty
Judgment Final 3 achieved fifty
Dogs are not allowed Final 5 achieved fifty
Nursery rhymes All the drawings of the Niñyou found you fifty
To your positions Rifle found 25
Science fiction Laser gun found 25
Growing tension Circular Sierra found 25
Now about those drinks Wheeler saved 25
Angela’s choice Alex doesn’t forgive his father twenty
Sorry Alex forgives his father twenty
Compassion Alex cannot end his mother’s suffering twenty
Mercy Alex ends his mother’s suffering twenty
James shadows 1 Siam defeated twenty
Tourism 1 photo found 10
The best of Alchemilla 1 defeated nurse 10
Eddie’s legacy 1 FERAL defeated 10
No longer merodees 1 lurker defeated 10
Straight to the point 1 needler defeated 10
Double personality 1 Schism defeated 10
Clear the air 1 Smog defeated 10
Kill bugs 1 Swarm defeated 10
Out of service 1 member of the defeated order 10
Kaufmann crafts 1 unit of serum found 10


Achievements Requirements
Alchemilla’s Finest (10) Win a nurse
Angela’s Choice (20) Alex doesn’t forgive his father
Blood Donor (50) Win Scarlet
Catch Your Breath (50) Expires Asphyxia
Clear The Air (10) Win a smog
Compassion (20) Alex does not end his mother’s suffering
Creeper Reaper (10) Win a swarm
Eddie’s Legacy (10) Win a feral
Forgiveness (20) Alex forgives his father
Head Above Water (50) Buy Amnion
Health Junkie (50) Find all serums
In Water (50) Reaches the end2
Intensive Care (50) Reaches the end 4
Josh’s Gallery (50) Find all photos
Judge (50) Reaches the end 3
Kaufmann’s Handiwork (10) Find a serum
Lock ‘N’ Load (25) Find the rifle
Lurk No More (10) Win a lurker
Mercy (20) Alex ends his mother’s suffering
No Dogs Allowed (50) Reach the end 5
NOW about Drinks (25) Save Wheeler
Nursery Rhymes (50) Find all girls’ drawings
Out of Order (10) Expires a member of the order
Rising Tension (25) Find the Circular Sierra
Science Fiction (25) Find the laser gun
Shades of James (20) Win a Siam
Sightseeing (10) Find a photo
Six Feet Under (20) Overcome sepulcher
Smile! (fifty) Reaches the end 1
Split Personality (10) Win a Schism
The Old Gods… Haven’t Left This Place (100) Complete the game in difficult mode
To the point (10) Win a needler

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