Xbox Live de Overlord II achievements

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Treasury hunter You have achieved all the objects of the tower. fifty
Womanizer You and your belovedéis achieved very well. 40
The dominator You have reached a 100% domination classification. 40
The destroyer You have reached a 100% destruction classification. 40
King of the Slebirros You have achieved 5000 souls. 30
Apocalypse in person You have devastated glacialia and luxetern. 30
New réWorld Gime You have enslaved Glacial and Luxetern. 30
Sinister emperor You have killed Solarius. 30
Perfect horde You have achieved all possible improvements for the horde of minions. 30
Torre Torre You have built 100% of the tower. 30
Supreme Collector You have achieved 100% of the crystals of evil. 30
Esbirros agglomerator You have achieved 1000ESFERAS DE ANIMA. 25
Glacialia tyrant Through domination or destruction, you have become the tyrant of Glacialia. 25
Luxeterna tyrant Through domination or destruction, you have become the Luxeterna tyrant. 25
Looter You have passed 10 Pillage Maps. twenty
As of domination You have passed 10 domination maps. twenty
Adversary You have killed your opponent 20 times in Ideadas de Overlord games against Overlord. twenty
King of Weapons You have forged three weapons. twenty
Equipped for evil You have forged the infernal armor and helmet. twenty
Slewer accumulator You have achieved 250 souls. twenty
Master Master You have discovered all the game’s mounts and you have used them. twenty
Focas murderer You have killed 100crías de Foca. twenty
Ghost creator Now the ghost nymph is your dear. twenty
Good Kelda friend Now Kelda is a “good friend”. twenty
Gnomes terror You have killed 1000Gnomos. twenty
Tacañeither You have accumulated 50.000 Goldenities. twenty
Good friend of Juno Now Juno is a “good friend”. twenty
Catapult You have killed 15 enemies or more with a single catapult launch. twenty
Good friend of the sinister nymph Now the sinister nymph is a “good friend”. twenty
Good friend of the ghost nymph Now the ghost nymph is a “good friend”. twenty
Devastating cities You have devastated a city. fifteen
Exploitative You have enslaved a city. fifteen
Salvador de Kelda Now Kelda is your dear. fifteen
Juno hero Now Juno is your dear. fifteen
Queen’s corruptor Now the sinister nymph is your dear. fifteen
Master builder You have built 50% of the tower. fifteen
Crystal collector You have achieved 50% of the crystals of evil. fifteen
Pilferer You have overcome a pillage map. 10
Conqueror You have overcome a map of domination. 10
Armed and dangerous You have forged a gun. 10
Blue steel knight You have forged the elementary armor and helmet. 10
Subsbiros captain You have rescued all the minions of the fabrics of Arañto. 10
Chaos provocator You have wreaked havoc in prelude. 10
Slewer creator You have achieved 10 souls. 10
Ace of magic You have killed 50enemigos through the bad presence spelléFica. 10
Great dismembrance You have killed 50emigos fighting melee. 10
Salvador de Bermejos You have found the Bermejos slender. 10
Viridios rescuer You have achieved viridiums. 10
Defender of Zarcos You have rescued the Zarcs slender. 10


Achievements Requirements
Adversary (20) Kill an opponent over 20 times in versus games by score.
Armed and Dangerous (10) Forge a weapon.
Big Chopper (10) Get 50 deaths due to melee attacks.
Blue Bringer (10) Find the blue subordinates.
Blue Steel Look (10) Forges the helmet and elementary armor.
Conqueror (10) Win a map of domination.
Dark Emperor (30) Kill Solarius.
Dark Fay’s Special Friend (20) Buy gifts for Dark Fay and ask him to become your special friend.
Ghost Fay’s Special Friend (20) Buy gifts for Ghost Fay and ask him to become your special friend.
Gnome Grinder (20) Kill 1.000 gnomes.
Green Grabber (10) Find the green subordinates.
Industion Magic (10) Get 50 deaths overloading your evil presence spell.
Juno’s Special Friend (20) Buy gifts for Juno and ask him to become your special friend.
Juno’s Champion (15) Turn Juno into your lover.
Kelda’s Special Friend (20) Kelda is now your special friend.
Kitted out (20) Forges the helmet and the infernal armor.
Mayhem Maker (10) Cause chaos during prelude.
Captain Minion (10) Rescue all subordinates from spider fabrics.
Minion Gatherer (20) Get 250 orbs of life force.
Harvester Minion (10) Get 10 orbs of life force.
Minion Harder (25) Get 1.000 orbs of life force.
Minion Lover (30) Get 5.000 orbs of life force.
Mount Master (20) Discover and use all subaltern mountains in the game.
New World Order (30) Converts Nordberg and Everlight into slaves.
Pillager (20) Win ten pirate maps plunder.
Red Resuer (10) Find the Red Subaltern.
Rescue of Kelda (15) Rescue Kelda de Nordberg.
Rock On (20) Kill 15 enemies or more with a single catapult shot.
Scrooge (20) Collect 50.000 pieces of gold.
Seal Slayer (20) Kill 100 seal puppies.
Slaver (15) Enslave a town.
Snatcher (10) Win a pirate map plunder.
The Big D (20) Win ten maps of domination.
The Destroyer (40) Get a score of 100% destructive tyranny.
The Dominator (40) Get a score of 100% dominating tyranny.
Town Razer (15) Destroy a city.
Tyrant of Everlight (25) Become Tyrant of Everlight through domination and destruction.
Tyrant of Nordberg (25) Complete the tyranny about Nordberg through domination or destruction.
Walking Apocalypse (30) Destroy both Nordberg and Everlight.
Nut Weapons (20) Forge three weapons.

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