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Xbox Live de Mafia II achievements

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Tough man History ends at the level of difficult difficulty. 100
Avenged Ends “Jimmy’s vendetta” at any difficulty level. 100
Workers Complete chapter 14. fifty
It ends with él End what you started. fifty
A family man The story ends at the medium or higher difficulty level. fifty
Car kidnapping It ends all car missions in “Jimmy’s Vendetta”. fifty
Same shirt, different day Complete “Joe’s Adventures” in any difficulty. fifty
Pay the bill Complete chapter 10. 40
After the dragon Complete chapter 12. 40
Chop, Chop! Complete chapter 13. 40
Womanizer Find all Playboy magazines. 40
The AS of the chips Find all posters to look for. 40
Beware of merchandise Complete “brothel” in “Joe’s Adventures”. 40
last tribute Complete Chapter 7. 30
The Savages Complete chapter 8. 30
Man of honor Complete Chapter 9. 30
Car fan It drives a minimum of 30 different vehicles. 30
Thirst for justice Find out what it means to be a scaletta. 30
Great discount Complete “supermarket” in “Joe’s Adventures”. 30
Long live the resistance! Complete chapter 1. twenty
Home Sweet Home Complete chapter 2. twenty
The price of gasoline Complete Chapter 3. twenty
Night shift Complete chapter 4. twenty
Guardian angel Complete Chapter 5. twenty
Time used Complete Chapter 6. twenty
Our good friend Complete chapter 11. twenty
Millionaire Get 1.000.000 points in “Jimmy’s Vendetta”. twenty
Slaughter Kill 1.000 enemies in “Jimmy’s Vendetta”. twenty
Frozen burial Push the main witness to the icy lake in “Joe’s Adventures”. twenty
Cattle in the shipyard Complete “connection” in “Joe’s Adventures”. twenty
Hypersonic Achieve 2.000 points at a speed start in “Joe’s Adventures”. twenty
Great jumping Achieve 200 points in a “jump” in “Joe’s Adventures”. twenty
Drapple expert Achieve 200 points in a “skid” in “Joe’s Adventures”. twenty
Manitas Achieve 10 points with different actions in a mission in “Joe’s Adventures”. twenty
Again active Do your first job for Mike Bruski. 10
Eldest brother Protect Francesca. 10
An auténicar gentleman Help women to fix their car at home, sweet home. 10
The professional Obtén the coupons without the alarm jumping. 10
Mailman Sell all gasoline coupons before time runs out. 10
Attention call Help Leo out of a péguda situation without being caught. 10
Arriving high Get all the wheels of your car toén in the air for 20 meters and touch the ground again. 10
Take thoroughly Exceeds 200 km/h (125 mph). 10
DUEñor careful Walk a total of 80 km (50 miles) in a car. 10
First scrap VéNdele 5 cars to Mike Bruski in his scrapping. 10
Exporter VéNdele 5 cars to Derek on the dock. 10
Speed ​​control Maintainsén a vehicle at more than 50 km/h (30 mph) for 5 or more minutes. 10
Hairdresser Kill 5 consecutive enemies with a head shot. 10
Camorrista Kill a total of 30 enemies with melee attacks. 10
Vain Steal 5 stores in less than 5 minutes. 10
The executor Kill 50 enemies. 10
Dandy Buy your first luxury suit. 10
Tuned car Improve a level one of your cars. 10
Din carñeither Improve one of your cars to the fullest. 10
Hard to kill The police love you dead. Survive 10 minutes! 10
Collector article Find at least one collectible object in the game. 10
The one who pays the barber Improve the hairstyles of the dockers. 10
A mode lesson Demonstrates that you know how to treat a lady. 10
Eh, Joe! Clean Joe’s fuck. 10
At the end of the rainbow Adjust the accounts with the Irish once and for all. 10
The mafia never forgets Visit to an old friend. 10
First step Complete your first mission in “Jimmy’s Vendetta”. 10
Faster than light Get a multiplier of points X10 in “Jimmy’s Vendetta”. 10
Explorer Drives a total of 1.609 km (1.000 miles) with vehicles in “Jimmy’s Vendetta”. 10
King of Weapons Kill your enemies with all weapons available in the game in “Jimmy’s Vendetta”. 10
Pyrogan Destroy 100 vehicles in “Jimmy’s Vendetta”. 10
Sniper Kill 100 enemies with shots at the head in “Jimmy’s Vendetta”. 10
Which witness? Complete “Witness” in “Joe’s Adventures”. 10


Achievements Requirements
To Lesson In Manners (10) Show that you know how to treat a lady.
To Real Gentleman (10) Help women to fix their car at home Dulce Hogar.
Back in Business (10) Do your first job for Mike Bruski.
Big Brother (10) Protect Francesca.
Card Sharp (40) Find all posters to look for.
Chasing The Dragon (40) Complete chapter 12.
Checking out (40) Complete chapter 10.
Chop Chop! (40) Complete chapter 13.
Collector’s item (10) Find at least one collectible game.
Cruise Control (10) Keep the speed of a vehicle at 30 miles per hour for 5 minutes or more.
Dream Handling (10) Improve one of your cars to the highest level.
End of the Rainbow (10) Improves the score of the Irish once and for all.
Export (10) Sell 5 vehicles to Derek on the dock.
Finish Him (50) It ends where you started.
Get Rich Or Die Flyin ’(10) Jump putting all the wheels of your car in the air at least for 20 meters and then land on the floor again.
Good Spirit (20) Complete Chapter 5.
Hirdresser (10) Kill 5 enemies followed by a shot in the head,
Hard To Kill (10) The police love you dead. Survive 10 minutes.
He Who Pays The Barber (10) Improve the haircuts of the dock worker.
Hey Joe (10) Clean after Joe.
Home Sweet Home (20) Complete chapter 2.
KNUCKLEHEAD (10) Kill a total of 30 enemies using melee attacks.
Ladies’ Man (40) Find all playboy magazines.
Last respect (30) Complete Chapter 7.
Made Man (50) History ends at the average level of difficulty.
Mail Man (10) Sell all gas stamps before time ends.
Man of Honor (30) Complete Chapter 9.
Men at work (50) Complete chapter 14.
Night Shift (20) Complete chapter 4.
One Careful Owner (10) Travel a total of 40 miles with a vehicle.
Our Good Friend (20) Complete chapter 11.
Out for justice (30) Learn what it means to be a scaletta.
Pedal to the metal (10) Travel at 160 miles per hour.
Petrol Head (30) Drives at least 30 different vehicles.
Proper Scrapper (10) Sell 5 vehicle to Mike Bruski in the scratch.
SHARP SUITER (10) Buy your first luxurious suit.
Stuck up (10) Steal 5 stores in 5 minutes.
The Enforcer (10) Kill 50 enemies.
The Mafia Never Forgets (10) Take a visit to an old friend.
The Price of Oil (20) Complete Chapter 3.
The Professional (10) Get ration tickets without unleashing the alarm.
The Wild Ones (30) Complete chapter 8.
Time Well Spent (20) Complete Chapter 6.
Tough Nuth (100) Complete the story in the difficult way.
TUned Ride (10) Improve a level one of your cars.
Long live it! (twenty) Complete chapter 1.
Wake Up Call (10) Help Leo to escape a complicated situation without being caught.

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