Lego Star Wars cheats: The Force Awakens – Xbox 360 – Cheat codes, Guides


Pause the game, look for the option to enter code, and use one of the following:


Caluan Ematt 26F2CF


Crokind Shand BQPKPA

Dasha Promenti Bjza6f

Flametrooper Lryubb

FN-2112 4T3UNK

FN-2187 (no helmet) 3Rrvav

Goss Toowers QZTZX9

GTAW-74 (Geetaw) 2yu4nx

Guavian Security Soldier C73CNV

Hobin Carsamba E889GQ

Hoogenz V3H6ru

Jessika Pava Sbuscw

Kaydel Ko Connix 9FJKF4

Korr Sella NGSEKH

Lieutenant Bastian XQZ7C6

Major Brance Q8krc6

Mi’no Teest GBE8ZC

Monn Tatth A5JR9V

Nien nunb P8KXSA

Officer Sumistu GVNBWB

Oskus Storatt K6JXJT

Quinar A4EHFJ


R-3po Bemt2t

Snap Wexley HTN3rd

Special Forces Tie Pilot 59J67X

Teedo CP6ETU

Trentus Savay 638fnx

Unkar Thug YabpyuWollivan J3GMHE

All red bricks

Red bricks are collected on the planets according to history. The power you will need to get some.

Bar items (Chapter 5)

Location of the items of the bar (Chapter 5).

Kylo Ren secret room

Kylo Ren is obsessed with Darth Vader, and thus reflected in his secret room.

Location of items in the hangar (Chapter 7)

The location of items in the hangar during chapter 7.

Xbox Live of Lego Star Wars Achievements: The Force Awakens

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
The force is strong in it Complete the game 100 % 70
There has been a awakening Complete â “the awakening of force” 40
All this is true… Complete all levels of the new Star Wars adventures 40
I can pilot anything Collect all minikits throughout the game 40
Every time I get better Complete a blister battle without being destroyed 30
It does not help me that thisé dead Complete all reward fighters 30
Less than 12 Parsecs Complete all races 30
60 portions! Complete all search missions 30
Red boss Buy all red bricks 30
New Jedi will rise Get â «Jedi Auténicoâ »at all levels 30
Returné For you! Complete chapter 1 of Eddlf: â “assault in Jakkuâ” twenty
Classified, as me Complete chapter 2 of Eddlf: â “Finalizerâ fled” twenty
The garbage is worth Complete chapter 3 of Eddlf: â “Advanced position of Niima” twenty
What was the second? Complete chapter 4 of Eddlf: â “El Eravanaâ” twenty
Eyes of someone who wants to flee Complete chapter 5 of Eddlf: â “Mazâ Castillo” twenty
Don’t let them scare you Complete chapter 6 of Eddlf: â “the battle of Takodana” twenty
You wouldn’t like it Complete chapter 7 of Eddlf: â “the resistance” twenty
Is there any garbage duct? Complete chapter 8 of Eddlf: â “sabotage in the Starkillerâ” twenty
A bag of explosives Complete chapter 9 of Eddlf: â “Destruction of the Starkillerâ Base” twenty
It belongs to me Complete chapter 10 of Eddlf: â “the apotheosis” twenty
Speechless Complete â “Lukeâ Island” twenty
A long time ago…. Complete â “The Battle of Endorâ” twenty
Never tell me the possibilities Complete â “poe al rescue” twenty
I have traveled and seen too much Complete â “the return of Lor San Tekka” twenty
Before I had more crew Complete â “A RATHTARâ hunting” twenty
The crimson corsair Complete â “The Corsary Crims” twenty
Hello! Were you looking for me? Complete â “problems in taulâ” twenty
It is a trap! Complete â “Ottegano Assault” twenty
Force is calling you Get â «Jedi Auténicoâ »at any level twenty
Just a scrap Collect all minikits at any level twenty
Forget what you have learned Build a multi -construction object again twenty
They shoot us both Complete a BLASTER BATTLE twenty
Give in to the first order! Complete all the missions of the first order twenty
A Glory Peter of Resistance Complete all resistance missions twenty
I must go back to work Complete â “Fight for Poe’s Survival” 10
A Use for scrap metal… Gather all minikits in â “fight for Poeâ’s survival” 10
Quién will collect all this? Get â «Jedi Auténicoâ »in â« struggle for the survival of Poeâ » 10
What a aim that you have! Eliminates the Strus clan using the most stinking way 10
The best pilot I’ve met Dodge all Speeder of the Strus traps 10
We need the girl Complete â “the siege in Takodana of the first order” 10
I cover you, ÉPSILON 6 Collect all minikits in â “the siege in Takodana of the first order” 10
Solve ité Immediately, señOr Get â «Jedi Auténicoâ »in â« the siege in Takodana of the first order “ 10
Those beasts! Destroy Takodana Castle 10
I take care of meé of her in person Capture King while diverting all its blister rays 10
Hey! That is not yours! Complete â “escape from the base Starkiller” 10
I had loosened her Collect all the minikits in â “escape from the Starkillerâ Base” 10
Time to win the passage, R3 Get â «Jedi Auténicoâ »in â« escape from the base Starkillerâ » 10
Another manual landing Make a jump of faith to escape the first order 10
Crush the first order During a Blaster battle, crush at the first order in any way 10
Cryptoc irujan Create a personalized character 10
We need more troops! Expires 50 assault soldiers 10
Do not be conceited! Buy 100 fighters tie 10
I like that wookiee… Complete a free game mode with Maz Kanata and Chewbacca 10
That ship is mine! Play as unkar plutt in the millenary hawk 10
Fast to attack In a Blster battle, make Han Solo Venza to a character who is preparing an attack 10
It is not the droid you are looking for Use an access panel with the incorrect drug 10
Traitor! Expires Finn with FN-2199 10
Family meeting Make Kylo Ren and have only part of the same group 10
MuéStramelo, grandfather Buy Kylo Ren with Darth Vader 10
FOR… It’s kylo time With Kylo Ren, he uses the suspension of force on an enemy 10
A small assault soldierñeither? Use a helmet dispenser to put an assault soldier helmet to a small minifigureñto 10
Anything else? With Kylo Ren, he destroys all the computer terminals in the Starkiller Shield Room 10
Chewie, we are at home Play as Han Sol 10
Assault soldier syndrome White fails 10 times in a blister battle 10

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