Legacy of Kain Cheats: Defiance – Xbox – Cheat codes, Guides


Press the start button, and then click up, down, right, down, right trigger, black, and, left trigger.

Statistics to the fullest

Press Start and then left, right, left, right, right trunk, left trigger, b, and, below.

Get all power-ups

Press Start and then left (2 times), up (2 times), left trigger, black, b, down, and.

Get all combos

First press Start and then click on the right, down, up, down (2 times), right trunk, and, b, below.


Enter these cheats on the pause screen.

All bonus:

Black, down, white, r, left, white, down, l, and

Dark Chronicles:

R, below, black, l, right, black and, below, l

Fill it:

Left, right, left, right, r, l, b, y, below

All blows:

Right, down, up, down, down, r, y, b, below

All improvements:

Left, left, up, up, L, black, b, down, and

Infinite Reaver Load:

Down, down, up, left, r, black, down, y, b


Up, down, right, down, r, black, down, y, l

Infinite health:

Left, right, left, right, r, l, b, y, below

No textures:

L, below, black, right, black, up, and, l, below

Cartoon mode:

Up, down, up, down, r, black, down, b, and

Tube reaver:

Up, down, left, right, black, white, and, below, b tube rever

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