Homefront cheats: The Revolution – Xbox One – Cheat codes, Guides

Exceeds Homefront’s sequel to this video guide.

Time Splitters 2

Enter the restricted zone barracks. Go to the top floor using the stairs near the prison instead of going down. Enter the southeast room to find a recreational.

You can play Time Splitters 2 and then it will be unlocked in the extra menu.

Xbox Live of Homefront: The Revolution

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Home of the aguerridos The campaign endsñA individual in difficult mode. 100
king David Destroy a Goliath. fifty
Flexible war Annihilates someone with each weapon and modification. fifty
Chaos teacher Buy 4 different active skills for the characters with which you want to. fifty
Oh! A candy! It distracts 30 members of the EPC from their surveillance positions in the yellow zone without being caught. fifty
Welcome to Philadelphia Enter the yellow area of Greentree fifty
Cookie Monster Complete the AfterMath mission. fifty
Goodbye, SATélite Lanhes the rocket to the SATéEPC lite. fifty
The guerrilla king Displays each guerrilla war object at least once. 30
Here Paz and afterés Gloria Complete with éxito a cooperative mission in difficult mode. 30
It is a trap Ends 10 EPC members with resistance traps. 30
The star Endures 2 minutes in the reflector focus of an EPC airship without killing you. 30
Decibels Enter the station without detecting you. 30
Light reading Get 10 daily. 30
The man-bala Get 10 mission mentions. twenty
E Pluribus unum Get 20 team mentions. twenty
Barking dog… Ends with 20 heavy units. twenty
Get me out of here Brushes 30 EPC snipers. twenty
Plasma pulse rifle in a 40w range Improves a weapon at its maximum level. twenty
As much peace, take as a break, leave Complete with éxito a cooperative mission in normal mode. twenty
Hot Hot Solve 20 hot points. twenty
Red Dawn Enter the red zone of Elmtree. twenty
Explosive leak Escape from the ambush of NED’s armory. twenty
The blow of the century Steal a Goliath from the shipyard. twenty
Declaration of Independence Escape from the independence hall trap. twenty
We Can Be Heroes Incites a revolution in the City Council. twenty
Land of free men The campaign endsñto individual in any difficulty. twenty
Robin Hood Eliminate an EPC soldier with a ballast saeta at a distance of 50 meters. twenty
Counterattack CAPTURE 30 STRATE POINTSéGicos. twenty
Full time Complete all jobs. twenty
HEñto unstoppable Launch 20 amateur radios stations. twenty
Steering hunter Brink 5 bandits without detecting you. twenty
Explosive death It ends with 2 EPC soldiers of the complex with Molotov cocktails. twenty
Sanctuary Find the agent in the church. twenty
Preparing a storm Manufactures a guerrilla tool object. 10
#Victory Get a team mention. 10
Son of freedom Get 20 individual mentions. 10
Micro Machine Destroy a armored car with a pump in a remote control car. 10
The barbecue Aniquila 5 or more EPC members with a single Molotov cocktail. 10
Fire fights with more fire It ends with 100 EPC members with pirated drones. 10
Beautiful earrings TOñInside an coupling to your weapons. 10
There are many like this… But this is mine. Convert a weapon. 10
Surprise! Aniquila 20 members of the EPC with proximity guerrillas objects. 10
Discreet but lethal Eliminate your enemies with 5 demolitions in a row without the EPC caught you. 10
Danger zone! Create a character for cooperative mode. 10
Mayhem 101 Buy a skill. 10
Blessed Chaos Displays an active skill in a mission and at least another player takes advantage of the results. 10
Silent Night Complete with éxito a cooperative mission in easy way. 10
Everyone fights, nobody leaves It rises to 10 fallen in an indefinite number of items. 10
Welcome to resistance Join the philadelphia resistance movement. 10
First attack Capture a strategy pointéGico. 10
Norco, this city is ours Capture all strategy pointséGicos. 10
Hand to hand Get 10 manuals. 10
On Fyre Shoot a gas valve and set fire to member of the EPC. 10
Part time Complete 5 works. 10
Kill hari Infill yourself in an EPC redoubt and deactivate the valve without being caught. 10
Conqueror Capture all EPC redoubts. 10
This was how lucky Drive the motorcycle 50 meters above sea level. 10
Documentary filmmaker Get 6 manuals. 10
Feet in dusty Flee from the collapse of the tunnel in 50 seconds or less. 10
Who plays with fire… Set fire to 5 bandits. 10
Underground Reaches the subway. 10
Be witnesses! Destroy the bandits car. 10
Ducks Destroy 9 rubber ducklings. 10
Dear newspaperâ € ¦ Collect 6 daily. 10
Safe and sound Complete the load sequence and escape from the station without using a kit. 10
Pro Reaches the station. 10
Walker’s voice Turn off the Walker recording. 10
Cocktail Done more than one Molotov cocktail to the resistance in the central. 10
Hydrophobia Jump from one stone to another without touching the water. 10
Cook with gas Destroy a search engine with the gas trap at the central. 10
Muddy Achieves 4 or more deaths while you areés in the mud. 10
The ugly Duckling Destroy the last rubber duck that stands. 10

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