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Hitman Absolute Xbox Live Live Achievements

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Great master You have completed 100 challenges. 150
A personal contract You have eliminated Travis and have fulfilled the contract with Diana. fifty
Absolution You have completed Hitman: Absoluteâ „˘ in professional mode. fifty
Mu gameñECA You have managed to make a lethal launch. fifty
Reach the stars You have completed 50 challenges. fifty
POLIFACéTico You have gathered the 20 special titles. 30
Information is power You have gathered all the tests. 30
Approval You liked a contract, and you have indicated it. twenty
Minimize damage You have contained a situation that had been crooked. twenty
Life, arranged You have earned one million dollars in contracts. twenty
You have to improve You have bought an improvement for a weapon. twenty
Your first contract You have completed the Creation Tutorial Contracts. twenty
Dirty money You have completed the tutorial on how to play a contract. twenty
Your true potential You have unlocked a téCnica. twenty
Partners in crime You have completed a contract made by a friend. twenty
Competitive spirit You have created a contract competition. twenty
Contender You have participated in a contract competition. twenty
Shake with the shadows You have mocked the attention of an enemy. twenty
Silent murderer You have reached silent murderer. twenty
Discreet You have gone unnoticed by the entire area of a level. twenty
UPS! You have made a murder look like an accident. twenty
One of ours You have mixed with people and have fooledñAdo someone. twenty
Firm pulse You have entered instinctive shooting and killed at least three people. twenty
Under a veil You have hidden a body. twenty
Soporific You have left a person unconscious. twenty
The Russian jackal You have achieved 47 head shots with the sniper rifle. twenty
Casting the game You have completed 10 challenges. twenty
The Chamber of Secrets You have located room 899 of the hotel. 10
Journey with us You have got on the train and you have escaped from the Chicago Police. 10
Advancement You have killed Wade’s men in Chinatown. 10
Larking dog, little bites You have killed Wade. 10
The waiter always knows You have questioned the waiter. 10
Characteristics weapons You have recovered your famous Silverballers. 10
A game of Niñyou You have mocked Lenny’s men and you have captured him él. 10
Not worth it You have abandoned Lenny in the desert. 10
See the light You have made its way through the mines. 10
A hard blow You have killed the leaders of the installation. 10
Faith moves ridingñace You have defeated Sánchez without using weapons. 10
The extermination fields You have finished with the holy. 10
A caged bird You have infiltrated the courts and you have accessed the jail. 10
The moment of truth You have caught skurky. 10
Like a brush You have gone to see Tommy the tailor and you have acquired a new suit with gloves. 10
The destruction of something beautiful You have killed Layla, Dexter’s assistant. 10
The last countdown You have killed Blake Dexter. 10
A heavy load You have infiltrated the mansion and you have killed Diana Burnwood. 10
Matarreyes You have fulfilled the contract with Birdie and have eliminated the King of Chinatown. 10


10g  A heavy cargo to Diana Burnwood KingsLayerasesina to the King of Chinatown The camera of the Secretslocalizes the room 899 JourSilverballers A sense of non -meaning girl to Lenny The lame does not deserve Lenny’s Penage in the desert to see the Light of the Mines A hard blow to the leaders of the installation The faith moves mountain to Sánchez without using weapons the fields of the exterminationlimin to theSANTAS A bird crowd 20g  The rusoconsign 47 shots in the head with the sniper rifle crowing the game 10 challenges seen good to “like” in a contract minimizing damage a situation that has twisted life.As a weapon, your first contract with the tutorial of contracts of contracts succiocomplete the tutorial on how to play a contract your true potential dislike an accomplices subject to a contract that has created a friendly friendly spirit a competition of contracting contracts partThe attention of the murderous enemy silently carries out the title of a discreet silent murderer!Get your first death by accident 30g  Polifacetic gathers all special titles the information is power gathers all the tests 50g  Reach the stars full 50 challenges a personal contract murders through the game of professional mode in professional mode 150g  Great Masterocompleta 100 Challenges

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