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Achievements of Xbox Live of Divinity 2 – Ego draconis

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Hunting You have taken all Rivellon’s most wanted criminals before justice. 100
Force pillar You have taken all the platforms of your battle tower to its maximum potential. 100
Dragon Knight You have finished the game. 99
Visit to the castle You have destroyed all the flying strengths of Damian. 80
Divinity You have reached a level ébeak. 40
Mataconejos You have killed the murderous rabbit. 30
Family fortune You have read the mind of the three Gremory brothers. 30
Adrift You have found Michael’s raft. 30
All aboard! You have finished Albor Remote. Good hunt! 25
ROAD OF THE DEVOTOS You have managed to enter the Maxos Temple. 25
The dragon roars You have destroyed the exéDamian Rcito and you have managed to protect your battle tower. 25
Low lights, dark city You have discovered Aleroth. 25
On the other side of the doors You have arrived in the Echoed Room. 25
Bewitched You have found the spell that will reveal the Hall of Echoes. 25
Dragon in sight! You have found a true dragon: the patriarch. 25
The stamp You have found the seal that will open the door of the Echoes Room. 25
Protected You have obtained the shield that will protect you in the Echoes Room. 25
Out of the shell You have killed Casper. 25
I never saw it coming You have scared the guess. 25
KNOWER MASTER ABOUT LOVIS You have correctly answered all the questions about Lord Lovis. 25
Get into the cave You have found the Secret Cave of Adah and Mahalth. 25
The great evasion You have managed to get out of the Maxos Temple. twenty
Maxos Temple Guide You have found the book that will take you to the Echoes Room. twenty
Holy or Devil You have shown that you are either all goodness or all evil in the Cave of Bellegar. twenty
Hold the key You have achieved the key to the Maxos Temple. fifteen
The indomitable fjords You have discovered the Fiordos de Orobas. 10
The damn You have met Damian. 10
Look up You have healed blindness. 10
To the race You have sent one of your attendees to a mission. 5
Curiosity You have read someone’s mind. 5
Untied You have invoked your creature. 5
Gain power You have level up. Congratulations! 5
Sorcerer prince You have bewitched an object. 5
Delighted You have loved an object. 5
Potajes You have created a potion. 5
Mater Studiorum You have used your skill coach. 5
Shopping You have traded with someone. 5
Dragon shape You have become a dragon. 5
Mirror Mirror You have used the services of an illusionist. 5
A dragon stone shot You have used the dragon stone. 5
You’re going to die, Charlie. You have killed Charlie, the Goblin. 1


Achievements Requirements
To Dragon Stone’s Throw Away (5) Use the dragon stone.
ADRIFT (30) Find Michael’s raft.
All a advo! (25) Farglow ends. ˇFeliz hunting!
Bounty Hinter (100) The most wanted criminals in Rivellon leads justice.
Bunny Bagger (30) Kill the murderous rabbit.
Castle Crasher (80) Destroy all the flying strengths of Damian.
Cave in (25) Find the Secret Cave of Adah and Mahalat.
Chickn Out (25) Kill Casper.
DIM Lights, Dark City (25) Discover Aleroth.
Divinity (40) Reaches the epic level.
Dragon Ho! (25) Find a true dragon: the patriarch.
Dragon Knight (99) The game ends.
Enchanté (5) LOVE AN OBJECT.
Family Fortune (30) Read the mind of the three Gremory brothers.
Gaining Power (5) Level up once.
Hold The Key (15) Get the key to the Maxos Temple.
Lovis Lore-Master (25) Correctly answer the three questions about Lord Lovis.
Master Brewer (5) Create a potion.
Mater Studiorum (5) Use your skill coach.
Mirror, Mirror (5) Use the services of an illusionist.
Off the leash (5) Invoke your creature.
On The Run (5) Send one of your runners on a mission.
Past The Gates (25) Reach the Ecos Hall.
Path of the Pioto (25) Enter the Maxos Temple.
Peeping Tom (5) Read a character’s mind.
Pillar of Strength (100) Upload all battle tower platforms to its maximum potential.
Prince Charming (5) LOVE AN OBJECT.
Saint or Satan (20) Let it be good and bad in Bellegar’s cave.
Shape of the Dragon (5) Transfer into a dragon.
She Never Saw It Coming (25) It scares the oracle.
Shielded (25) Find the shield that will protect you in the Hall of Ecos.
Shop Till You Drop (5) Merchand with someone.
Spell-Struck (25) Find the spell that will reveal the Hall of Ecos.
The Damned One (10) Meet Damian.
The Dragon Roars (25) Destroy Damian’s army and protect your power tower.
The Ferral Fjords (10) Discover the FJords Orobas.
The Great Escape (20) Escape from the Maxos temple.
The Maxos Baedeker (20) Find the book that will guide you to the Hall of Ecos.
The Sigil, The Seal (25) Find the seal that will open the door of the Ecos Hall.
Turn Blind Eye (10) Heals blindness.
You’re Going to Die, Charlie (1) Kill the Goblin Charlie.

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