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Xbox Live achievements of The Last Remnant

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
The last relic You have defeated the absolute invader… Maybe the last relic are you! 200
The final battle You have completed the mission “There are things that never change”. Congratulations! 200
Roof of the gods You have defeated the condemned. You have earned the title of “roof of the gods”! 140
Toar of the sunset You have defeated the Alba lighthouse. You have earned the title of â “Caso de Del Tar”! fifty
Dragon roof You have defeated the ancestral dragon. You have won the title of â “Dragon roof”! 40
Legendary soldier You have defeated the intruder etéconvict. You have won the title of “Legendary Soldier”! 40
Chain of victories You have defeated more than 200 chain enemies. You are an extraordinary warrior! 30
Death and destruction You have defeated more than 2.000 enemies. Can you know whaté They have done you? 30
Butcher teacher You have defeated more than 30 monsters in a single battle… Enjoy the loot! 30
HERALDO DEL APOCALYPSIS You have made a ragnarroca. You have won the title of â “Heraldo del Apocalypse”! 30
Relentless hunter You have found a necrotic metal. You have won the title of “Getting Hunter”! 30
Magistral mystical You have obtained the scroll of the formation â “Velaâ”. You are an â “mystical master”! 30
lone knight You have defeated Celestial Draco. You have earned the title of â “lonely gentleman”! 30
Magistral fighter You have participated in more than one hundred battles. Keep it up! twenty
NATO DESMEMBER You have turned 500 monsters into components. You have too much free time… twenty
Recycling expert You have disassembled 300 team items. You do know how to take advantage of things! twenty
Live You have accumulated more than 200.000 g. When do you plan to invite your friends to dinner? 10
Forgotten words You have spent more than 100.000 g. Shouldn’t you save a little for retirement? 10
Mysterious powers You have resorted to disagree more than a hundred times. Do you have any hidden power? 10
The time is gold You have executed more than a hundred golden chances. It is seen that you carry the rhythm in the blood. 10
Guild hero You have completed more than thirty guild tests… This is done, brave! 10
Military leader You have recruited more than thirty characters. The more we are, the more we will laugh! 10


Achievements Requirements
Death and Destruction (30) Defeat more than 2000 monsters.
Guru of the Mystic (30) Do you like to collect items? Try to collect one in particular…
Hero of the Dawn (50) Defeat the Rule of The Dawn.
Living Rich (10) Get 200.000G
Lostwords of the Gods (10) Gastate more than 100.000 g.
March of the Soldiers (10) Recruit more than 30 units.
Monster Dismantler (20) Defeat more than 500 monsters.
Reduce, reuse, Recycle (20) Discard more than 300 pieces of equipment.
The Battlemaster (20) Participate in more than 100 battles.
The Bloodhunter (30) Defeat more than 30 monsters in a single battle.
The Dragonslayer (40) Defeat the Ancient Dragon on the fifth path during an adventure.
The Final Instance (200) Complete the mission “Things Unchangeable”.
The Godslayer (40) Defeat the monster they call The Fallen.
The Great Soldier (40) Defeat the Void Intruder.
The Guildmaster’s Faith (10) Complete ten guild missions.
The Heir of Ultimate Fate (10) Create Ragna-Rock.
The Last Remnant (200) Defeat the Absolute Conqueror.
The Lone Fighter (30) Win the welkin dragon.
The Ravenous Hunter (30) How is Mr. Diggs? Try to collect certain item…
The Rules of Constitution (30) Exceeds a 200 death battle chain.
Timing is EveryThing (10) I successfully execute more than 100 Critical Triggers.
Unleashing Secret Powers (10) Activate the Timeshift more than a hundred times.

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