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Available books

Skyrim books and Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire expansions. Skill books, letters, daily or recipes are not included.

Available books on Skyrim


Map created by Gamebanshee with Skyrim’s main points of interest.

Skyrim map

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Location of the screams

Dapedical artifacts

World without dragons

Before completing the first mission (giving the magician), the world has no dragons. Take this opportunity to get some powerful shouts or objects from areas that will later be very protected by dragons.

Xbox Live achievements of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Special Edition

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Dragons killer Complete “Matadragones”. fifty
Teacher Reach level 50. fifty
Deep Clear 50 dungeons. 40
Skill teacher Get a skill to reach 100. 40
Explorer Discover 100 places. 40
Thu’um teacher Learn 20 screams. 40
Fraternal judgment Complete “Fraternal Trial”. 40
Legend Defeat a legendary dragon. 40
At the top of Apocrypha Complete “at the top of Apocrypha”. 40
Hidden knowledge Learn the secrets of the 5 black books. 40
THE GLORY OF THE DEAD Complete “the glory of the dead”. 30
Magnus’s eye Complete “The Eye of Magnus”. 30
One with the shadows The glory of the thieves’ guild has been restored. 30
Save, Sithis! Complete “save, Sithis!”. 30
Skyrim hero Capture loneliness or ventalia. 30
People’s hero Complete 50 various objectives. 30
Thief Force 50 locks and steals 50 pockets. 30
Menhires Find the 13 menhires. 30
Golden touch Accumulate 100.000 gold. 30
Oblivion Walker Gathers 15 artifacts daéDricos. 30
Lost in the eons Complete “lost in the eons”. 30
Solstheim explorer Discover the 30 places on the island of Solstheim. 30
Expert Reach level 25. 25
The path of voice Complete “The path of voice”. twenty
Diplomatic immunity Complete “diplomatic immunity”. twenty
ALDUIN WALL Complete “Alduin’s Wall”. twenty
Ancient knowledge Complete “Ancient Knowledge”. twenty
The fallen Complete “The Fallen”. twenty
Sideways Complete 10 secondary missions. twenty
Master Criminal 1 reward.000 gold in the nine regions. twenty
Reader Read 50 skills books. twenty
Dragons hunter Absorb 20 dragon souls. twenty
Wake up Complete “Awakening”. twenty
Beyond death Complete “beyond death”. twenty
Tear of the soul Learn the three words of the soul tear. twenty
Auriel arc Use the special power of Auriel’s arch. twenty
LICANTROPIA DOMAIN Acquires 11 advantages of werewolf. twenty
Vampirism domain Acquires 11 vampire advantages. twenty
The new you Change your face. twenty
Stranger He arrives in Solstheim. twenty
The Miraak temple Complete “The Miraak Temple”. twenty
The path of knowledge Complete “the path of knowledge”. twenty
Dragon appearance Learn the three words of dragon -looking. twenty
Stalhrim craftsman MAKE A STALHRIM OBJECT. twenty
Dragon rider Domestic and ride 5 dragons. twenty
Owner in Roca del Cuervo Acquire a house in Roca del Cuervo. twenty
Release Complete “Liberation”. 10
Tumulus of Lúgbres Cataracts Complete “Tumulus of Lúgubres Falls”. 10
To the weapons Join the CompañEros. 10
Blood oath ConviéRtete in a circle member. 10
Puerta Guardian Enter the Hibernalia College. 10
Revealing the unnoticed Complete “revealing the unnoticed”. 10
In charge of the business Join the thieves guild. 10
The return of darkness Complete “the return of darkness”. 10
With friends like this… Join the dark brotherhood. 10
Until death separates them Complete “until death separates them”. 10
Taking sides Join the layers of the storm or egéImperial Rcito. 10
War hero Capture Fort Sungard or the Fort Green Wall. 10
Hard worker Short wood, extract mineral and kitchen. 10
Snake tongue Persuade, bribed and intimidated with éxito. 10
Blessing Select a blessing from a menhir. 10
Citizen Buy a house. 10
Sought Escape from a prison. 10
Married Consider. 10
Architect Make an object of blacksmith, a delighted one and a potion. 10
Influence giveséDRICA Get an artifact daéDRICO. 10
Dragon soul Absorb a dragon soul. 10
Words of power Learn the three words of a cry. 10
Skilled Reach level 10. 10
Parent pride Adopt a niñeither. 10
Farmer Buy a plot. 10
Architect Build three wings of a house. 10
Landowner Build on three plots. 10
Architect teacher Build three houses. 10
Apprentice Reach level 5. 5

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