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30g: Menhires Find the 13 menhires.

40g: Thu’um teacher Learn 20 screams.

40G: deep Clear 50 dungeons.

20G: Doslayo Complete 10 secondary missions.

20G: reader Read 50 skills books.

50G: Master Reach level 50.

50g: Matadragones Complete “Matadragones”.

20G: The fallen Complete “The Fallen”.

20G: Ancient knowledge Complete “Ancient Knowledge”.

20g: Alduin’s wall Complete “Alduin’s Wall”.

30g: Skyrim hero Capture loneliness or ventalia.

10G: War hero Capture Fort Sungard or the Fort Green Wall.

10G: taking sides Join the layers of the storm or the imperial army.

30g: Magnus’s eye Complete “The Eye of Magnus”.

10G: revealing the unnoticed Complete “revealing the unnoticed”.

20G: Diplomatic immunity Complete “diplomatic immunity”.

20G: dragons hunter Absorb 20 dragon souls.

30g: The glory of the dead Complete “the glory of the dead”.

10G: Blessing Select a blessing from a menhir.

10G: Blood oath Become a member of the circle.

10G: married Consider.

30g: People’s hero Complete 50 various objectives.

20G: Master Criminal 1 reward.000 gold in the nine regions.

10G: Searching Escape from a prison.

10G: architect Make an object of blacksmith, a delighted one and a potion.

30g: ˇSalve, Sithis! Complete “ˇSalve, Sithis!”.

10g: until death separate them Complete “until death separates them”.

30g: Golden touch Accumulate 100.000 gold.

10G: With friends like this… Join the dark brotherhood.

30g: one with the shadows The glory of the thieves’ guild has been restored.

10G: The return of darkness Complete “the return of darkness”.

10G: Business Join the thieves guild.

30g: Oblivion Walker Gathers 15 daédric artifacts.

40G: Explorer Discover 100 places.

10G: Words of power Learn the three words of a cry.

20G: The path of voice Complete “The path of voice”.

40G: skill teacher Get a skill to reach 100.

30g: thief Force 50 locks and steals 50 pockets.

25G: Expert Reach level 25.

10g: snake tongue Persuade, bribed and successfully intimidates.

10G: Dahedric influence Get a daedric artifact.

10g: skillful Reach level 10.

10G: citizen Buy a house.

10G: Dragon soul Absorb a dragon soul.

10g: Tumulus of lugbres cataracts Complete “Tumulus of Lúgubres Falls”.

5G: Apprentice Reach level 5.

10G: hard worker Short wood, extract mineral and kitchen.

10G: Door Guardian Enter the Hibernalia College.

10G: to weapons Join the Compañeros.

10G: Liberation Complete “Liberation”.

20G: Awakening Complete “Awakening”

20G: Beyond death Complete “beyond death”

40G: Fraternal trial Complete “Fraternal Trial”

30g: Lost in the eons Complete “lost in the eons”.

20G: Soul tear Learn the three words of the soul tear

20G: Auriel Arc Use the special power of Auriel’s arch

20G: Domain of Licantropy Acquires 11 advantages of werewolf

20G: Vampirism domain Acquires 11 vampire advantages

20G: The new you Change your face

40G: Legend Defeat a legendary dragon

10G: Pride of parent Adopt a child.

10G: landowner Buy a plot.

10G: Architect Build three wings of a house.

10g: landowner Build on three plots.

10G: Master Architect Build three houses.

20G: Outsider He arrives in Solstheim.

20G: Miraak’s temple Complete “The Miraak Temple”.

20G: The path of knowledge Complete “the path of knowledge”.

40G: At the top of Apocrypha Complete “at the top of Apocrypha”.

20G: Dragon aspect Learn the three words of dragon -looking.

40G: hidden knowledge Learn the secrets of the 5 black books.

20G: Stalhrim artisan MAKE A STALHRIM OBJECT.

20G: dragon rider Domestic and ride 5 dragons.

20G: Owner in Roca del Cuervo Acquire a house in Roca del Cuervo.

30g: solstheim explorer Discover the 30 places on the island of Solstheim.

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